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Friends & Family

Friends & Family


There are so many moments in our lives which are worth cherishing for years on end. Along with keeping us happy and contented, they act as a motivation to strive hard to excel and achieve a lot more.

Securing the highest marks in our class for a particular subject

Winning a prize in sports

Achieving fame and money amidst a plethora of individuals

Becoming a parent

Meeting and spending time with our friends and family

Some of you may wonder the reason I have included the last one as a memorable moment. What’s so special about spending time with friends and family? Aren’t they the people who we meet almost every day?

It’s always said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. When we are next to our near and dear ones, many of us start to take them for granted. We expect them to agree to everything we say without asking a single question. It becomes a situation of giving and following instructions without any interruption whatsoever. But that’s not how one can live life all the time.

When we are in a far away land, it’s only then that we realize the value of our loved ones. We miss being with them, their advice and their support in every aspect of our lives.

When we are young, we feel that our parents don’t know anything and keep nagging us all the time. It’s only when we go f0r further studies and start staying away from them do we slowly realize the trials and tribulations one goes through in life. Many of us slowly start to agree with many things our parents taught us. And whenever we come back during our vacations, our reactions to our parents’ constant questions are totally different than before. We tend to mature a couple of years in a few months.

Our parents are always there to support us in both our good and bad times. Someone has truly said that when we are flying high, everyone stands by our side, but when we are down, people wouldn’t even bother to help us. But such stuff doesn’t apply to our parents.

They are there to celebrate our victories and achievements at school, university and work. For them, our achievements become even more important than celebrating their own achievements. And when we are down, irrespective of others, they are always there. Whether we are sick or heartbroken, they can mend our lives even quicker than anyone could imagine.

Our friends are also an important support system for us wherever we go. They help us overcome various challenges in our lives by advising and helping us in the right situations. Consider the situations like below –

“Dude I want to propose to her today. She’s the love of my life. I need your advice.”

“Hey! If we win this badminton doubles final today, it will be 6 titles in a row. Let’s show the school what we are made of.”

“My house is such a mess. Every other day, my dad comes home drunk and starts hitting my mom. I wish I could protect her and save her from dad’s insanity. With pressure at work and a messy life at home, I feel am losing my sanity quite quickly. I feel totally helpless. What do you think I should do?”

“C’mon dude. Are you just going to keep crying for a girl who didn’t bother about your feelings? Let’s go out for dinner today.”

The support from our loved ones is enough to keep us motivated and happy and celebrate each day with vigour, optimism and enthusiasm.

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  1. True that! Family is always there for you. We underestimate their importance when they are close. With time, distance and age we realize their value and how mundane life is without them.

    • aseemrastogi2

      Yeah its a kind of a vicious circle. When we are young, we think they will always be there and don’t value them too much. As we grow older, we start realizing their importance only to see that they are no more around us. And then our kids start thinking the same way and the vicious circle continues.

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