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Ruby had always obliged his requests but

he didn’t bother to help her out when she

needed some thus leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

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While his imagination ran wild on

what could he be confronted with on the other

side, flatus had gotten the better of him.

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Mysteries of the forests

Mysteries of the forests

The ubiquitous

forests hid a lot many

secrets of the past.

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Being a baby, he

felt that the time was never

enough to enjoy.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Enough, Fandango One Word Challenge: Baby, Thursday Inspiration 62: Time

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

The sun and the clouds

played hide and seek as the rains

began increasing.

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Lost in thoughts

He was cranky hearing the prolix speeches and

decided that he needed to spend some time at the

beach where he saw a ball of fire in the sky.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Fire in the Sky, Fandango One Word Challenge: Cranky, Your Daily Word Prompt: Prolix and Sue Vincent’s Prompt

Paragon of virtue

Paragon of virtue

Though she was a diminutive lady and

they were close to the fence, she wasn’t afraid

one bit as she knew that being a paragon

of virtue would help her get her way through any

challenge as was the case all these years despite

not making everyone happy all the time.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Paragon, Fandango One Word Challenge: DiminutiveCrimson’s Creative Challenge #85, Your Daily Word Prompt: Afraid, One-Liner Wednesday

Shining moment

Shining moment

I have been lucky to have had a lot many shining moments over the years. But if I had to point out that ‘one shining moment’, it would be the first time I got published in an anthology. It had just been about 2 years since I began blogging and to be part of a paperback in such a short time was nothing but a dream come true. I was still learning the ropes of blogging (I still am 11 years down the line ;)). But back then, it was still early days in my writing journey and that experience was my first step into the world of publishing. Thankfully there were a lot many interesting authors and bloggers out there always ready to help and support.

As the skylarks were

in flight, the young ones joined in

to learn the new tricks.

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He had to vacate

at the pinnacle of triumph

due to disruption.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Pinnacle, Fandango One Word Challenge: Disruption, Your Daily Word Prompt: Vacate



She had created ripples

vis-a-vis taking part in

the Olympic Games.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Ripples, Fandango One Word Challenge: Vis-a-vis and One Word Sunday: Olympic

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