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Form is temporary but class is permanent

Form is temporary but class is permanent

His unique skills had made him a very critical player for many years. But in the last year or so, he had hit a rough patch. After his injury, he didn’t seem the same player he once was. Though he had always been a bright prospect, the selectors were now losing patience. His technique was found wanting and he looked completely out of touch. Even in the field, he wasn’t able to catch the ball as it regularly bobbled out of his hands.

While the think tank wanted to give him two more chances, it seemed that his career had hit a wall and it was axiomatic that he needed to get his mind in a good space. Even he had started to feel that something in his mind was getting him pinioned so that he wouldn’t succeed.

His free-spirited personality which was the characteristic of Aquarius brought about his downfall and he just ended up hanging on to breadcrumbs of his past fame for comfort. The form was lost but it was upto him to ensure that it could be found again.

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She kept biting her fingernails as she

sat under the pergola outside in

the garden wondering if she had done

enough to ascertain herself in front

of the high and mighty so that she could

carve her identity in sands of time.

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