Guest Post: Short Story – A Million Faces

A million faces
A million faces


Reuben stares at his own reflection in the mirror as he picks up the cologne from the counter and sprays it twice on his neck. He takes a small sniff, and picks up a tight cap from the counter. He pulls it over his head to hide his greying hair and adjusts it carefully, stuffing every strand of hair that emerged from the cap. He then turns to study his dimly lit bedroom.

Walking over to the closet, Reuben stops in front of a large board. On the board, he studies the many pictures of different couples that had been hung with thumbnails. Each picture has a different man and woman posing in front of a yellow statute of a dragon in a Chinese restaurant. He faces his closet, and pulls out a jacket and adjusts a brown colored wig over his head. Next, he takes out a pair of dark rimmed glasses from his jacket pocket and places them on. Looking down on the floor, he bends down to pick up a camera, wears it around his neck, and calmly exits the bedroom.

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The second chance..

A second chance for love..
A second chance for love..


He had seen her for the first time during his brother’s wedding. She looked angelic in the pink saree she had worn for the day. Every time she danced, a strand of her hair fell on her face which she brushed away with her fingers. He was lost in her thoughts throughout the wedding and beyond.

Being the extrovert he was, Ronnie went ahead and proposed Anna quite literally in front of everyone. And the rest as they say was history.

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The time for love..

Candlelight Dinner
Candlelight Dinner


It was the season for love the world over. Couples were exchanging cards, gifts, hugs, kisses and the likes. Restaurants, hotels, pubs and discos had come up with special offers to attract couples from all walks of life. It seemed as though, everyone had found a reason to fall in love all over again on just one particular day. But for the Sharma’s it was a simple day to rekindle their love all over again.

More than 25 years had passed since the day they ran away and got married. Their parents had voiced their disapproval on the alliance since they felt societal status was much more important for them rather than seeing their children happy and contented. But the children didn’t care one bit and decided to elope together. With time, the parents had to relent and let go their anger as they realized that their happiness lay in seeing their children happy.

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The day he lied to me..

The day he lied..
The day he lied..


“He is a liar. He doesn’t even care what I feel. If he did, he would have had the guts to tell me the truth. All the times we spent talking sweet nothings for hours on end seem like a big joke.”

The first time our eyes met was when he trooped in coolly at 8:45am for an 8 am class. With unkempt hour and a shabby appearance overall, it looked as though he had just got up from sleep and set out for a long day ahead. He seemed too much into himself making me wonder if arrogance was his second name. For me though, classes were all about talking to everyone and making as many friends as possible.

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Short Story 10 – The day she fought back for her dignity!


Someone has said that it’s very easy to be sad but really difficult to be happy. But I always made it a point that things shouldn’t affect me too much. My mantra was to live life king size without any tensions or fears. You never know what’s coming tomorrow. There is no point in spoiling your today just because tomorrow maybe bad. I was doing well at college, had a good group of friends and had a loving family. Life was bliss to say the least. This was until a month ago when my uncle came to stay over at our place.

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Short Story 9: Destiny of Life


The emptiness in my heart mirrored the vast open sea. There wasn’t a soul around till the eyes could see. The sea seemed so calm that one wouldn’t even know that when it gets angry, it can even kill.

“People crave for a chance to look at me. But you don’t seem to care. Who are you?”

Wearing a tube top and hot pants, she seemed dressed to kill. Oodles of makeup, botox, straightened hair; guess she loved to look artificial. She didn’t seem the type who you would find on cruise liners.

“Are you talking to me?” I was taken aback at this sudden conversation.

“Yes Mister. Diana is talking to you. Any doubts?”

“Uh Oh! Am I bothering you? I am really sorry.”

“You seem weird. Is everything ok?” She put her palm gently on my shoulder out of what seemed genuine concern.

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“Destiny of life” – My entry for the Get Published contest


The Idea

The story is about two individuals who are as different as chalk and cheese. It’s the story of their love transcending years and continents. If he is quiet, calm and reserved, she is bubbly, cheerful and vivacious. If he rarely talks to people, she talks so much to anyone and everyone that she could create a racket. He’s a suave, young and dynamic working man of today. But his life revolves around work. There’s something he wants to forget. There’s something which is bothering him which he wants to escape from. So he keeps himself as busy as he can. There is a strong desire to earn as much as he can in the least possible time.

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