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The redolence of fresh air greeted him as

he finally stepped out and felt that he could breathe easy post

the suffering he went through and was thankful

to the simpatico relationship with friends and family.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Breath, Fandango One Word Challenge: Simpatico, Your Daily Word Prompt: Redolence, Wordless Wednesday and Crimson’s Creative Challenge #90



He kept begging for

forgiveness as the truck

crashed into the sign.

Linking to Tale Weaver #285: Forgiveness and Crimson’s Creative Challenge #89



The rain had its way

as the plants and the fishes got

a new lease of life.

Linking to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #87 and One-Liner Wednesday



While his imagination ran wild on

what could he be confronted with on the other

side, flatus had gotten the better of him.

Linking to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #86, Ragtag Daily Prompt: Flatus, Word of the Day Challenge: Imagination and One-Liner Wednesday

Paragon of virtue

Paragon of virtue

Though she was a diminutive lady and

they were close to the fence, she wasn’t afraid

one bit as she knew that being a paragon

of virtue would help her get her way through any

challenge as was the case all these years despite

not making everyone happy all the time.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Paragon, Fandango One Word Challenge: DiminutiveCrimson’s Creative Challenge #85, Your Daily Word Prompt: Afraid, One-Liner Wednesday



She kept waiting for

him at the wharf but it seemed

that he wouldn’t come.

Linking to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #84



They knew the risks of wandering around the

area as the poachers were very active

with the sibilant sounds just a precursor.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: SibilantFandango One Word Challenge: RiskCrimson’s Creative Challenge & dVerse Challenge: Open Link Night #268



Despite being in the frame for many years they

Decided they needed to protest peacefully

So they walked down the narrow street by the house.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Protest, Fandango One Word Challenge: FrameCrimson’s Creative Challenge

Ten Word Story: Snag

Ten Word Story: Snag

The bridge encountered a snag

after opening for the boat.

Linking to Crimson’s Creative Challenge & Ragtag Daily Prompt: Snag


Ten Word Story: Haunted


Ten Word Story: Haunted

She felt eerie standing beside

the house at the corner.

Linking to  Crimson’s Creative Challenge

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