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Month: May 2014

Guest Post: How to Prepare for Phone Interviews


Telephonic interviews are now common and companies call prospective employees who are out-stationed or stay far away from the interview location. This post tells how to prepare well for phone interviews.

More and more employers are now conducting telephonic interviews to recruit candidates. Telephonic interviews are usually done to screen candidates from a vast pool of applicants and then the selected candidates would be called in for face-to face interviews. It’s usually good for interviewing out-of-town candidates where the expenses involved can be reduced.

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A smelly affair!


“He just walked past me and all I could smell was a mixture of cigarette and drugs. Thankfully he didn’t stay there.”

“She came to our office to sell kids books. Since I was the manager on the floor, she came and sat next to me and started giving me more information on them. Maybe she hadn’t taken a bath. Maybe she was out all day. And that’s why she must be sweating. But the smell was unbearable.”

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Short Story 10 – The day she fought back for her dignity!


Someone has said that it’s very easy to be sad but really difficult to be happy. But I always made it a point that things shouldn’t affect me too much. My mantra was to live life king size without any tensions or fears. You never know what’s coming tomorrow. There is no point in spoiling your today just because tomorrow maybe bad. I was doing well at college, had a good group of friends and had a loving family. Life was bliss to say the least. This was until a month ago when my uncle came to stay over at our place.

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