Dread: My first solo e-book of short stories


I have always been very observant about whatever happens around us. A lot of my short stories and other forms of micro fiction over the years have always been based on what I have seen and what I feel may happen. The ability of humans to survive all odds and come up trumps is what keeps me going.

Each of the five stories in this e-book is based on my thoughts and experiences of the way humans survive in difficult situations.

There are so many of us who work late at night, don’t we? Haven’t we ever felt nervous on what could happen? A safari sounds like an experience of a lifetime. But what if things go awry? If you are on the way home and suddenly run into a tragedy happening around you, how would you react? Do you just run away? We all wait for that perfect holiday with our family. But what if the perfect holiday turns into a perfect nightmare?

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Blog comments

Blog comments

As in life, feedback is very important even when it comes to blogging. Without regular feedback, a blogger wouldn’t know how well he / she is connecting with the audience. The blogger wouldn’t know how to improve and take his / her blog to the next level.

And so I was quite intrigued when I saw the questions at Blogging Insights

How important is the comments section to your blog? 

I would say it’s one of the most important sections since I feel that my audience helps me to keep improving myself day by day. Without their feedback, the blog would just be a barren land simply like a desert without any trees around.

Do you read comments on other people’s blogs / posts? 

I guess it depends. Sometimes if I am referring to a blog for a piece of information, I would read the comments as well since I am of the belief that a lot of interesting insights are shared in the comments section in such cases. But in case if I am reading a poem or story on a blog, I wouldn’t really see the comments. Instead, I would just share my opinion.

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Rekindling my passion

Rekindling my passion

I have been blogging since the last decade. But in the last few years as I got busy, the blog lost traction amongst readers. Things were looking down so much so that my bounce rates were up, my Alexa rank had disappeared and the time spent on my blog had decreased dramatically.

There was a time when I blogged about 4-5 times a week. This had dropped to once a quarter. But as the world went into lockdown, I rekindled my passion of blogging through the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. And then, there was no looking back.

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Life’s lessons after undergoing a surgery

Life's lessons after undergoing surgery

Why do you need to go to the hospital?

Can’t you manage your condition through some home remedies rather than taking medication?

Are you sure the doctor you are going to is good enough?

These are some of the questions one gets from friends and family members for any visit to a hospital. A lot many get nervous hearing or even thinking about doctors or hospitals for that matter. Whether its the equipment or the smell, the environment or seeing other patients, we all tend to get nervous to a certain degree.

But what if one requires a surgery? That is sure to open an altogether new set of questions amongst family and friends.

Is the surgery necessary?

What is the recovery time?

Is the surgeon recommended by anyone else?

Can the surgery be delayed?

I recently did undergo a minor surgery. But this post is not about the specifics of the surgery in particular. But instead, its about the after effects of staying for a night in a hospital as well as the anaesthesia which got me thinking much more than I ever have in years.

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The obsession over 10,000 steps

The Obsession over 10,000 steps

With the advent of smartwatches, the obsession over the ‘no of steps’ one has completed in a day has hit the roof. More and more people are looking to the “Fitbit’s” and the “iWatch’s” in the hope of ensuring they reach the magic ‘10,000’ step mark. It seems as though fitness and having an active lifestyle is now being defined by the number of steps one completes in a day.

Devices like these have definitely ensured that fitness has probably become more mainstream than it ever was. What started from pedometers has moved on to smart devices, apps and even competitions for fitness. All of it has further emphasized that a good fitness regimen is the secret of a happy life.

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