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Over the years, I have always been lucky to spend my birthday with people I care about. While I was never interested to celebrate birthdays with too many people, I remember the ones during school days when my parents used to invite a few of my good friends home. After cutting the cake and the exchange of gifts we used to have a nice meal at the restaurant of my choice. Surely not too fancy but an evening well spent nonetheless.

Birthdays with friends and

family are the ones which

are cherished always

Linking to dVerse Haibun Monday: Birthday

Seasons of the year

Seasons of the year

The summer consisted

of hot and humid days which

were full of torture


Winter was harsh as

the cold penetrated the skin

with scary effects


Spring and autumn came

and went by without any kind

of noise whatsoever


Linking to dVerse Challenge: Haiku Sequence



At first, she was scared that the weight of her

wings and gravity would make it painful

to fly but her mother calmed her down.


Off she went flying over the mountains and

the sea discovering a new world which

was both beautiful and threatening.


With time she started to enjoy flying be it

alone or in a flock so much so that

waited to fly off each day everyday.


Linking to dVerse Poetics: Flights of Fancy




Being early August, the first signs of light were there at 6,

Though it was difficult with the weather being hot and humid.

But this was the time to walk out and go brambling in the fields

And get back those fresh juicy berries home.

Linking to dVerse Challenge Quadrille #108: Among the Brambles


Celestial Revolution

Celestial Revolution

Uranus & Venus

decided to chart their own path

to revolve around.

* While the other planets revolve around the sun in about the same direction, Uranus and Venus are exceptions.

Linking to dVerse Poetics: Revolution

Precursor to the future

Precursor to the future

“Is this the end of the world as we know it?”

“Why do you say so?”

“Look at the way the pandemic is raging. There are thousands dying everyday as the health facilities have been overwhelmed.”

“While I can understand where you are coming from, I am sure humanity will rise again as it always has from different tragedies across the centuries. We humans are a resolute lot. We don’t accept defeat easily.”

“I am not conceding defeat. But I just feel that this pandemic is like karma for all our actions especially the years of torture our planet has borne due to our actions ranging from deforestation to pollution of all kinds. Following years of adverse weather events, this pandemic seems like the precursor to the future.

It’s like a red moon has been riding on the humps of the low river hills.”

“a red moon rides on the humps of the low river hills” is from Carl Sandberg’s Jazz Fantasia

Linking to dVerse Prosery Monday

Horrors of a pandemic

Horrors of a pandemic

Beds packed with patients,

Doctors in masks and PPE suits,

Loved ones left waiting.

Linking to dVerse Poetics: 8th year Anniversary


Blue skies

The skies were blue

And the grass was green,

The birds were chirping away

Amidst bright sunshine,

This was the time for getting some tan

Under the warm summer sun,

Sunny cloudless days followed by

Cool and breezy nights,

This was the perfect summer.

Linking to dVerse Quadrille #107: Blue Monday

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

The sun and the clouds

played hide and seek as the rains

began increasing.

Linking to dVerse Challenge: Open Link Night #269


Shining moment

Shining moment

I have been lucky to have had a lot many shining moments over the years. But if I had to point out that ‘one shining moment’, it would be the first time I got published in an anthology. It had just been about 2 years since I began blogging and to be part of a paperback in such a short time was nothing but a dream come true. I was still learning the ropes of blogging (I still am 11 years down the line ;)). But back then, it was still early days in my writing journey and that experience was my first step into the world of publishing. Thankfully there were a lot many interesting authors and bloggers out there always ready to help and support.

As the skylarks were

in flight, the young ones joined in

to learn the new tricks.

Linking to dVerse Challenge: Traditional writing – on a shining topic!

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