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Photography: Fruit

Photography: Fruit

I have always been a big fan of eating different kinds of fruits. And I guess over the past few years I have been incorporating even more fruits than ever before as and when I come across them.

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There are so many of us who go through this each day, don’t we?

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An ode to happiness

An ode to happiness

Happiness is an emotion,

Defined by feeling secure with your loved ones,

It can make your heart jump with joy,

And even help get rid of mental health issues.


Happiness is like icecream which slowly melts away,

It is a state of mind which is not there forever just like anything in life.

Happiness is about decreasing the distances with the people you love,

Rather than being callous, it is about being compassionate.


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She had created ripples

vis-a-vis taking part in

the Olympic Games.

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Ten Word Story: Dream

Ten Word Story: Dream

Her dream was a gossamer-like

gown for the big day.

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Ten Word Story: Company


Though he had betrayed her,

she still loved his company.

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