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3 blogs I am thankful for..

Thankful Thursday

Over my 7 years 0f blogging, I have more often than not realized the fact that blogging is not just an individual activity. While each of us writes on his or her own blog and the thoughts are personal, blogging communities and events play a strong role in helping build a community spirit. Why do we need a community spirit? Whether its exploring different writing prompts, learning the tricks of the trade from experienced bloggers, co-authoring books and articles and more, for bloggers the acronym BFF has become ‘Blogging Friends Forever’.

There are numerous blogs which I do take out time to read. Though I do admit that I am irregular in the sense that I may read many posts at one time and then would come back again only after a few months.

While it was difficult to narrow down my list from the numerous ones I read, here goes 3 (or I say 4) of them in no particular order.

Parul Thakur (

Parul writes on a variety of topics which includes issues faced by women, travel and photography, gratitude lists, food posts and more.

I love the way she articulates her thoughts about any topic she writes. She has a lucid writing style and doesn’t hold back in calling a spade a spade. Her posts also reflect how observational and thoughtful she is. All in all her posts are a reader’s delight.

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A life event am thankful for..

Events of our lives..

Events of our lives..


We all have many life events which we remember for a long time be it birthdays, anniversaries, the day we marry, the day we fall in love for the first time, the day we have our first breakup, the day we come first in class, the day we make new friends, the day our parents gift us a new laptop or phone  and many more. These are the days when we thank God for keeping us happy and contented. But as is human nature, we also remember the bad times for a variety of reasons as well.

For me, one of the key life events which I have been thankful for is the fact that I got a chance to go out of my comfort zone to complete my graduation and post – graduation in India. I had always lived a sheltered and well protected life while growing up in the Sultanate of Oman. There was almost never a time when I didn’t have AC be it at home, school, malls or in cars. There was almost never a time when my parents weren’t around for their support in anything and everything I wanted. Most importantly, there was no pollution – water, air, noise whatsoever.

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