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Month: April 2011

Flight Simulator Kuwait – The closest I came to flying!

There is a joke that this Flight Simulator franchise would be offering certifications to show that people have actually flown a flight if it hadn’t been for the fake pilot cases in India. But on a different note, Flight Simulator does give you the ultimate experience of piloting a Boeing 737 airliner.

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Cuisine you cannot afford to miss in the Arab world!

Continuing with my foodie posts is the latest one on Arabic food. Irony or not, despite living in this part of the world for years on end, I hadn’t had any introduction with Arabic food before this trip. But this trip has been different.

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Haagen Dazs Icecream: Have it at least once before you die!

There are icecreams like Baskin Robbins, Kwality Walls, Mcdonalds McSwirls, Unilever, Cold Stone Creamery (ones I have eaten till date) and then there is Haagen Dazs. While the other icecreams mentioned are all about having something cold or tasting a good dessert, Haagen Dazs with its exquisite products and fantastic ambience creates a killer mix of delight, a never before urge to have something sweet and pure pleasure. I haven’t had any icecreams which creates such feelings ever!

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Double Standards: Why do we have different definitions for corruption?

Anna Hazare is advocating the revolution against corruption across the country mobilizing opinion among people from all sections of the society. Everyday there are news articles and reports on TV on how one can lead the war against corruption. Suddenly corruption has become a big thing among the political circles that the politicos are running for cover wondering if this would affect their chances in the polls.

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Do relationships beginning in college have a future?

Have you dreamt of spending your life with your college sweet heart? Have you promised your college love of spending your lives together? Has your life revolved around your college flame? You don’t want to leave college because you are scared of parting with the love of your life? If the answer to even one of the above questions is yes, then you are in the category of millions.

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Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption! Why should you care?

Anna Hazare who? Why are all our news channels and newspapers suddenly concentrating on him throughout the day? What has he done that even the politicians don’t have the courage to face him? How dare he openly tell news channels that no politician has the right to come and sit with him on the stage?

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Movie Review: Game

“Game” was one of the movies released on 1st April 2011 after a gap of more than a month for the movie industry. It was a gap not because Bollywood suddenly stopped making movies. But instead they realised that it would have been foolhardy to release anything during this period because of the World Cup. Considering that India were the eventual champions, their decision was vindicated. So now lets get back to the movie.

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April 2nd 2011: A night of mixed emotions

When MS Dhoni smashed a six of Nuwan Kulasekara, there was a collective roar from the 1.2 billion in India as well as thousands of Indians across the world. It was the ultimate prize in cricket. It was the ultimate prize for Indian sport (since Indian sport has sadly been limited to cricket more less). It was the prize which all of us had been waiting for since the past 28 years. And finally when it was achieved, it was fitting that the captain who has led us to the Test No 1 ranking and the ICC T20 WC win in 2007 was at the forefront. The whole nation was on the roads honking with flags, with a euphoria which may have been seen only in 1947 when we got independence.

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