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Month: December 2012

Why is outrage so short lived?


Source: MSN News

Chemical castration. Life imprisonment. Capital Punishment. These and many more solutions are being prescribed by the public for the accused in the recent gangrape case in Delhi. There have been online petitions, continuous TV debates, tweets by all and sundry and much more. Everyone is outraged, angry and annoyed that the women of this country have been failed.

But is this a first time? Sadly the answer is a big NO. There have been rapes, gangrapes, incest cases and stuff one can’t even imagine in this country for years on end. As some statistics go, a rape occurs once every 30-40 minutes. But is it all reported? Does everyone get the coverage? Just to add a viewpoint, since the gangrape in Delhi on Sunday, there have been gangrapes in Varanasi, Mau, Faizabad and many other places. But none saw it to the front pages of the news channels.

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Will our Indian cricketers ever come out of denial mode?



We lost 4-0 in England. We lost 4-0 in Australia. We couldn’t make it to the ODI tri – series final in Australia. Everyone cried and debated for changes to be done, heads to roll, captaincy to change and the likes. But nothing happened. All our players and selectors made statements about India being champions at home. They felt that everyone was a tiger at home and we would reply to them in kind. They asked rank turners to be prepared when other teams visited the country. As the IPL and the NZ series came and went, the hurt, disappointment and dejection of 8-0 were long gone and buried in the annals of history so to say.

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“Destiny of life” – My entry for the Get Published contest


The Idea

The story is about two individuals who are as different as chalk and cheese. It’s the story of their love transcending years and continents. If he is quiet, calm and reserved, she is bubbly, cheerful and vivacious. If he rarely talks to people, she talks so much to anyone and everyone that she could create a racket. He’s a suave, young and dynamic working man of today. But his life revolves around work. There’s something he wants to forget. There’s something which is bothering him which he wants to escape from. So he keeps himself as busy as he can. There is a strong desire to earn as much as he can in the least possible time.

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Guest Post: Reward Yourself for Achieving Goals


Using a reward system of any kind can really help you to stay motivated and stick to whatever goal you are trying to achieve. Of course, it probably depends on what you are doing and what goals you have that will determine what type of reward and what sort of system you use.

Want to know the different kinds of reward systems others have come up with in order to come up with ideas of your own? Here are some ideas to help you begin brainstorming:

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Book Review – Zombiestan


Mainak Dhar has thirteen books to his credit. But to be honest I had never heard of him or this book till I got hold of it. I am a fan of books which deal with terrorism, suspense, thrillers and the likes. But only if our contemporary Indian writers get time to move away from romance and college love stories, would they write something else, right? Anyways, so I began this book with quite some expectation. Did it impress me? Let’s check it out.

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Is the arrest of the Indian couple in Norway right?


They don’t know our Indian culture. What kind of stupid culture is this? If parents are arrested, what will happen to the child’s future? Can’t we have universal parenting norms which doesn’t leave any scope for confusion? A lot of us Indians have gone on the rampage saying all this and more against the decision by the Norwegian court to convict V Chandrasekhar and his wife Anupama for 18 months and 15 months respectively for suspected child abuse. Is it right or wrong? Let’s check it out.

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Movie Review – Talaash


Directed by Reema Kagti and co-written by her along with Zoya Akhtar, ‘Talaash’ marks the return of Aamir Khan after a gap of around 1.5 years. It also stars Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee in lead roles and is a joint collaboration between Farhan Akhtar – Ritesh Sidhwani. So does the Aamir Khan magic continue? Does Rani Mukherjee make comeback after the disastrous ‘Aiyaa’? Let’s check it out.

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