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Month: August 2009

The deadly H1N1 effect

“The greatest threat facing mankind”, “the fastest moving pandemic ever” and many more kinds of phrases have been used to describe the swine flu effect all across the world. It all started from a farm in Mexico which slowly but surely spread to more than 100 countries across the world spreading panic and fear in the minds of the people. Already battered by SARS, Bird flu, terrorist attacks, global warming, the recession and many more issues swine flu was the last thing the world needed. Nations were slow in their response as they had never encountered something like this in more than 50 years. By the time the scientists in US and around the world got some idea about the virus, it had affected millions and killed thousands.

All across the world thermal imaging instruments were set up at the airports to check the passengers on arrival. Stocks of Tamiflu (It became famous overnight – personally speaking I had never even heard of this medicine before this :)) were built up and also hospitals were designated as testing centers. Mask manufacturers and suppliers I should say are having a ball of a time during this time of disease as the Rs 100 special N95 masks  are being sold for as high as Rs 700-1000 while the Rs 5 surgical masks are being sold for Rs 15-20. News agencies & Channels in India arent too far behind as this occasion has provided them with an amazing opportunity to increase their TRPs as they report each and every death as “breaking news”. I guess they havent learnt anything from the beautiful way their reporting on the 26/11 terrorist strikes provided the LeT handlers in Pakistan the exact position of the Indian Defence Forces. I really believe that there is a thing or two our news channels need to learn from the west in reporting responsibly.

The Indian government had told the US to screen their passengers before they boarded the plane so that infection wouldnt move out. But since the US didnt do this, the infection went on spreading to other countries across the world. In India, the increasing number of cases in Pune, Bangalore and other cities resulted from the failure of contact tracing of the people who were infected as well as the unhygenic conditions prevailing at the hospitals. The problem of hygiene has been an issue all across the country. The statement the Union Health Minister in the media saying that “33% of Indians will get infected over the next 2 years” and then saying that was not said by him but the WHO has also added to the prevailing tension among the public.

What is needed is a concerted approach by every individual to maintain a good level of hygiene like washing hands with soap regularly, covering their nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing etc rather than panic and run helter – skelter. Wearing a mask for everyone isnt a necessity. People dont die of swine flu but they die of other infections like diabetes, hypertension etc which get worsened due to the H1N1 virus.

I just want to end by saying that I am really surprised by one fact. Millions the world over have died or been affected due to AIDS, but they still refuse to wear condoms. More than 300 people died due to malaria last year in India but still it wasnt a very big news. Around 60 people have died due to this disease but the amount of reporting and coverage this disease is getting ponders some thought.

(I dont mean to demean this disease but its just a thought I am expressing here. I have no intention to anger anyone)

Convocation 2009 – A beautiful end to the best 4 years of my lyf!!

Picture 002

Hey guys, finally I am back from my bout of fever, cough, cold and what not. Before you thinking abilities wander, I would like to say thankfully I am free from the dreaded H1N1 flu which has swept across Pune especially.

Anyways till 30th June, my condition was horrible to say the least. I was lucky (u must be wondering how come I am like “lucky to be sick”) to fall sick in that week. I meant lucky because I didnt have to miss classes though missed my finance specialisation test and did horribly bad in the Marketing test (though in the end since I got it I feel “All well that ends well”). People were advising me to rest and not go and take care and blah blah. Iwas like “There is no way I am gonna miss this for anything”. My biggest motivation of going was to meet old friends as well as get a chance to see the old environs of Vellore and VIT again (dont know whether Ill get a chance again ever!). On 30th June at the advise of a senior whose also an MBBS, I had the medicine “Sinarest”. The health center doc had given me that medicine but till then I hadnt bothered about having it thinking it to be one of the money stupid things the doc would prescribe. Guys, believe me this medicine worked and I was in a condition to even jump in about two hours.

Finally the D-Day (31st July) arrived. I took the 6 30pm bus and got down at University Circle and went to E-Square. After having a nice meal,(didnt have time to watch a movie 🙁 ) left for the airport. Now I was going to the Lohegaon airport for the first time. I had heard that its a defence airport and all that. But when I reached there, I was seriously shocked to see how kutti (small!!) it was. There are just 4 departure gates (first I thought there were only two:P), one arrival gate and two conveyor belts in the airport. The best part is that people have to walk to the planes with their luggage. The most interesting incident that day was the fact that people by mistake starting moving to the wrong Spice Jet airplane and had to be directed to the right one. So there was mass confusion on the runway. Finally after a delay of 45 minutes, our Spice Jet flight departed for Chennai. We reached after about 1.5 hours in a flight marked by pretty bad turbulence.

It was amazing to be back in South India. The humid air of Chennai, the characteristic smell as well as the auto and taxi “anna’s” saying “going-aa, coming-aa” etc all awakened me to the spirit of Chennai. After an hour long wait, I was on the way to Vellore. I reached VIT by 6 not before being exposed to one of the most crappy Vijay movies. After resting and getting ready in Mohsin’s room in the guest house both of us were on our way. The most important job was to meet friends. But before that there was the BIG JOB of getting the certis. So for that when I finally forced my way into the Student Service Center I was told that I wouldnt be given the certis because of Rs 400 breakage. Finally after the convocation I got it.

The best thing about the convocation was the fact that we were the first batch who had the chance to break away from the 23 year tradition of yellow robes as we got the black robes with a hat. After the procession to the audi, the customary speeches and the hat throwing ceremony the time to meet friends finally came. It was amazing to meet everyone. Mohsin, Padhee, Arun, Giri, Sam and the list goes on and on… One of the KODAK moments as they say was when I saw Sruthi, Ranju and Anish walking together from the canteen side to the main building side. Seeing them my eyes almost got moist (Yes!!). That day I really felt how much I missed these people and how much they mean to me.

The rest of the day was filled with talking, meeting, chatting, running around with friends, juniors and everyone else and finally seeing them off. Ranju had to leave very fast probably as fast as she came like an express train (but ya thats the problem of being with parents). After seeing off Sruthi, had a nice chat with Arun, Moh, Giri and Anish at SUTTA shop where Arun also distributed his “masterpiece” SHIMMERING REFLECTIONS.

After a decent dinner at “BIG CHICK”(now ppl sometimes call it big chicks im confused:P) and a nice sleep in the guest house, I left for Chennai the next day though not before attending my first and only mass in Vellore at the special invitation of Sam (who led it beautifully) and Giri. The time spent at Riya’s house was amazing. It was great to talk and meet her. And yeah the dosa’s were amazing…:)

In the end though I didnt wanna leave, I knew for a fact that I couldnt have imagined such a beautiful end to such an amazing 4 years.

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