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Month: June 2011

Movie Review – Double Dhamaal

Were you wondering where the four – Javed Jaffery, Ritiesh Deshmukh, Arshad Warsh and Ashish Chaudhary were lost all the while? Did you miss their gags and fun moments which made you smile and laugh in equal measure in “Dhamaal”? They are back along with Sanjay Dutt in Double Dhamaal to tickle your funny bones. This is what the trailer of “Double Dhamaal” promised to all and sundry. But does it love up to its promise?

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How come suddenly we can’t tolerate corruption?

Corruption as we all know has been ingrained in our Indian psyche since time immemorial. Whether its simple things like paying the auto guy an extra Rs 50 just because it’s night  or complex ones like paying capitation fees running in lacs to educate our children, corruption has always been there in some form. Obviously many people wouldn’t call this corruption and say that it’s part and parcel of everyday life in India. And it’s only the ministers who are always corrupt in some form or the other.

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Salim Must Die – Book Review

‘Salim Must Die’ is the second book in the Lashkar series by Mukul Deva. If you enjoyed Lashkar, you will love Salim Must Die. If you are craving for the growth of the thriller genre, Salim Must Die is for you. If you want a dose of reality and fiction intertwined, Salim Must Die should be your next read.

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Fasting – The easiest route to becoming Internationally famous!

From Baba Ramdev to Anna Hazare to their hundreds of followers, fasting is the in – thing today. It has become some sort of fashion statement which every person worth his salt is taking to. A yoga guru extolling people to fight corruption and black money. An ex – army man and a socialist fighting for the Lokpal Bill. These are good acts for large scale improvement of public life, MIND YOU! But then this has created something of a recipe for becoming internationally famous. Whether it was intentional or unintentional is anybody’s guess.

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Short Story 4 – Cruel Twist

Cruel Twist

“Sir! AG 323 has veered off the radar.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Yes sir. Look at this. I can’t see it at all.”

Over the next few minutes both of them tried desperately to contact the flight captain but were unsuccessful.

And then there was a phone call –

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