Guest Post: Giving your blog a much needed makeover

Sometimes a blog just won’t work in the way that its creator originally envisioned it. And that’s ok; blogging is all about embracing change and implementing good ideas. Most bloggers try again when one idea doesn’t pan out. But when you’re assessing the success of your own blog, it can be hard to accept signs of failure. An unsuccessful blog isn’t something that just happens overnight; the causes and symptoms can be seen over its entire lifespan. These signs are universal for any failing blog, including (but not limited to) the following events:

1. Infrequent blog posts on topics not worth posting about in the first place (i.e. posts about being busy, posts that promise more posts in the future, and so on)
2. Few (or close to zero) comments on any of your posts
3. Little enthusiasm or drive on your part to contribute new material to the blog
4. The existence of numerous blogs that do what you try to do better, funnier, or faster

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Book Review – Miracle in the Andes

‘Miracle in the Andes – 72 Days on the Mountain and My Long Trek Home’ is the story of adventure, courage, tragedy, horror, terror, love and much more of a group of individuals who survive for 72 days at more than 12000 feet in the Andes. Penned by Nando Parrado (one of the survivors) and Vince Rause, it is an autobiographical account of the days Nando and his comrades had to face high in the Andes.
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Guest Post: 4 Travel Apps Created With Millennials in Mind

One thing the millennial generation does more than any other generation before it is travel. Not only do the twenty-something’s of today have the world at their fingertips online, they have more of an opportunity than ever to actually see it. Young people don’t simply travel once in their lives as a post-graduation hoorah, as their parents may have. Rather, many millenials are savvy travelers who jet around for school, work and pleasure and want to stay connected as they go, while using the fastest and smartest ways to get around. These travel apps were created with exactly that sort of logic in mind. Many of them available for free on both Apple and Android, try downloading any of these handy travel apps the next time you decide to expand your personal horizons.

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Guest Post: Time to WAKE UP – The authorities!!

There have been instances where we hear an industrialist gifting an aircraft to his wife on her birthday, some others gifting themselves a yacht when they feel like. These luxuries which the so called creme-da-la-creme call “high society” trademarks or “high society necessities” are good to look at from a global point of view. This can foresee that India is now a developing country with people who can, in theory, reach for the highest star or the deepest ocean. But is that all what you need to call India a developing country?

Doesn’t development mean that the politicians also take into view the development of the massive “middle class” which forms almost 80% of the population? Every year a new budget comes up from the economists and the finance ministry. But who do you think is really affected by that? It is by far only the “middle class” as they are the ones who suffer the burn of the hour. With the amount of money earned becoming equal to the amount of money spent to earn a livelihood by the “middle class” ; I am not sure how the survival of the fittest would take place in here.

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Akhilesh Yadav – Is he the change UP was waiting for?

He is 38 years old. He has completed his B.Tech in Mysore and did his masters in Environmental Engineering in Sydney. Whether it’s an iPad or a laptop or even his Blackberry, he uses it to the hilt to keep himself up-to-date with all the happenings. Akhilesh Yadav, the youngest chief minister in the history of Uttar Pradesh seems like a whiff of fresh air among the highly corrupt and irresponsible politicians the state has seen till date.

Son of Samjawadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, Akhilesh has won the Lok Sabha polls for the Kannauj constituency in Uttar Pradesh three times (2000, 2004, 2009). He took over as the SP’s UP President in 2009. In the same year his wife – Dimple had contested and lost the seat in Ferozabad to Raj Babbar. This turned to be a battle of prestige for SP. And from thereon Akhilesh’s journey to the post of CM began.

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