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Month: November 2012

Short Story 8: The Betrayal

“I charge 2000 bucks for one night. Take it or leave it.”

“2000? Isn’t that too expensive?” With wrinkles all around his face, hair which had turned white and a frail body structure, age seemed to have caught up with him.

“Hey uncle! Looks like you are new to this place. No one has the guts to ask me such questions. You are old enough to be my grandfather and that’s why I lowered my rate out of respect. Otherwise, you can ask anyone, my rate is not less than 3000 per night.

Looks like, you still want to enjoy some nice sex, is it?” I nudged his arm and winked.

And so I got my first customer of the New Year. No one cares how the customer looks or thinks like. If he is ready to pay what one demands, there’s nothing better than that.

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Guest Blog Post: Movie Review – The Experiment (Das Experiment)

The movie is anything but new as it came out in 2001. But I only saw it a week ago and it left me speechless (at least for one week; now I have my voice again and can’t wait to use it to tell you all about the film).

“Das Experiment” is a German movie by the director Oliver Hirschbiegel, starring the famous Moritz Bleibtreu – if you’ve seen at least a couple of German movies, you’d probably know this actor.

I love movies that start out interestingly and don’t have even one second of unnecessary dialogue, musical intermezzo or photo shoots which don’t add something of value to the atmosphere or plot. “The Experiment” is one such flick.

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Why does the Catholic church oppose all forms of abortion?

The recent death of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland who was 17 weeks pregnant has again brought the anti – abortion rules / regulations set by Catholic church to the fore. Savita and her husband were joyous like any other parent when they had come to know of her pregnancy. But with time, they realized that there were going to be complications and her life could be in danger. So when the doctor refused termination of pregnancy despite Savita and her husband’s pleas for the same, they were shocked. They were told that Ireland was a Catholic country and abortions weren’t allowed according to law. Unfortunately and sadly, Savita died because of septicemia. So why exactly does the Catholic church oppose all forms of abortion?

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Bal Thackeray – The man who can bring Mumbai to a halt!

Offices in Mumbai closed down earlier than normal. Many shops in busy areas of the city were shut down. Roads in many parts of the usually bustling financial capital teeming with a sea of humanity were unusually quiet. Movie shootings were stopped. Wondering what brought ‘Maximum City to a halt?

Bal Thackeray, the founder and chief of Shiv Sena, the man who led the fight for equal rights for Marathi manoos in Maharashtra and much more, is fighting for his life. His supporters, party members, businessman & corporates, Bollywood movie stars are among those who have come to ‘Matoshree’, the Thackeray residence to enquire about his condition. There are many thousands who have camped outside the house hoping to hear about him or get a glimpse of their hero. So what makes him such a hero among the large populace of Mumbai?

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Guest Blog Post – Growing Gun Culture on College Campuses


As noted in an earlier post, guns are inseparable from American culture. As the National Rifle Association (NRA) lobby rallies its pro-gun followers, it’s easier now than ever before for an average citizen to purchase a lethal weapon. This is a very problematic and disturbing trend in America, one that has reached new heights as more and more states now permit universities to allow students and professors to carry concealed handguns on campus.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, five states permit students by law to carry concealed guns on public college campuses, an increase of four states over the past two years. The push to allow guns on campus was sparked after a 2007 Virginia campus shooting. Those in favor of carrying weapons on campus cite that they want safer campuses, which allow students to protect themselves.

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