Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

CC photo by IQRemix.

Every shop in Chinatown was decked up with lights of different hues. It seemed as though they were having a competition on whose lights were the brightest and the most innovative in their design.

Seeing the revelry all around, George was reminded of the days he came to Chinatown with Anne. Visiting the different dragon temples, bargaining for simple things at the various stores that had set up shop and having authentic Chinese cuisine, she loved it all.

Since the time she had passed away due to the cancer she was diagnosed with, George had all but given up on life. Neither did he eat properly nor did he sleep peacefully. It seemed as though life had been sucked out of his soul.

He finally decided to revisit Chinatown and kindle old memories on their 25th anniversary which coincidentally fell on the first day of the Chinese New Year. He felt that this way he could be closer to her.

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