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Month: August 2011

Best Friends to Office Colleagues – Quite an arduous journey!

As someone has rightly said the world is not filled with black or white people. Instead everyone has some grey shades to his / her personality. But in my life interestingly till a couple of years back I had mostly met people who must be 70-80% white or probably I presumed so to say. But over the last few years things seem to have changed.

Taking one for granted, use and throw friendships, being friends for getting some work done, having excuses just to not meet – all this and more are becoming pretty common in today’s world. But then people would say that this existed all the time. There are all kinds of people on this planet some good some not so good and some horribly bad. You can’t make everyone really good, can you?

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The Indian way: Blame the victim for all the misery!

Its been 7 years since the time I came to study in India. These 7 years have been full of interesting incidents, meeting interesting people and seeing interesting places. There have been a number of people on the way who have questioned my decision of studying in India whether it was graduation or postgrad. Suggestions on going to the West flew in thick and fast every time the time to make a decision came about.

Then when I started working in this country, people were shocked. They expected me to head for the Gulf. After having born and stayed for a better part of my life down there, why would I want to start my career here? Why would I try to work my life out in a place full of hardships? But then I convinced everyone that this is the best place to start. One gets to learn about life here. And the usual “blah blah”.

But then August 20th happened –

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If I dont support Anna Hazare’s means of protest, am I corrupt?

Anna Hazare has brought the nation together like never before. If news reports are to go by he may have just been the 3rd entity to do so. The others being Bollywood and Cricket – our two main religions. But then Anna Hazare is different. He’s here to fight against corruption. He’s here to fight against the crimes and frauds the politicians of this government as well as those of the future governments may cause. He’s here to introduce a Jan Lokpal Bill which if made into a law could well bring the end of several distinguished and prominent politicians.

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Uncle Sam’s debt crisis: Can it ever live within its means?

Let me start off with an analogy here. Consider an individual who doesn’t have the means to go on a holiday to Europe but goes for one by taking a loan. But then he wants to send his children for education to good colleges. So he takes an education loan. And he also wants to buy a car. So he takes an auto loan. Loans becoming such a predominant part of his life that he starts using one set of loans to fund his other set.

Something similar has gone wrong with Uncle Sam. US has never stayed within its means. Whether manufacturing huge gas guzzling cars or spending trillions of dollars on mindless wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), the US govt. has always lived beyond its means. One would think that the crisis of 2008 which was the beginning of the economic collapse of the world would give them some sanity. But then as they say common sense is really not that common.

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Short Story 5: The night that was!

“Where are you Ritesh? All of us have been waiting for you since long. You had promised to take all of us for dinner tonight, hadn’t you?”

“Yes darling I had. Have I ever broken any of the promises I have ever made?”

“But you told you would be back by 6pm. It’s already 7 and there’s still no sight of you. Is everything ok?”

“Yes jaan. There was a lot of work at the office and that’s why I got late. I promise to make up to you. I am already at the station and the train would be here any moment. Once in, it’s just a matter of half an hour.”

“Come fast my love. I am getting worried.”

“Don’t worry darling. The train’s here now. I will have to hang up because of the extreme rush at this hour.”

“I will be waiting.”

“Just close your eyes and I will be there.”

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Dhoni down and out? Consider at your own peril!!

He has won the T20 and ODI World Cups!

He has won the IPL 2 times out of 4 with Chennai Super Kings!

He has won the Champions League!

He has taken India to the no 1 ranking in Test cricket!

He has never lost a test series in his reign as skipper for more than 3 years!

You would believe that Dhoni could do no wrong. Opposition captains and former players call him the guy with the midas touch. There are people who say he has something which every other leader doesnt – An ability to stay cool and calm under pressure. Whether it is asking Joginder Sharma to bowl the final over in the T20 final or asking Bollinger to take the final over against a rampaging Pollard in the 2010 IPL, his mind has been as relaxed as could have been. Obviously with such praises, there are many who try to downplay his achievements by saying that he has the trinity for company or that he doesn’t have technical competence (referring to helicopter shots and so on).

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