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Are you bold enough to take up challenges of life?

Be Bold..!

Be Bold..!


Do you have the ability to take up risks? Are you ready to face challenges of any kind head on? Are you courageous enough to take control of your life by not being dependent on others to take decisions for you? Being bold is all about taking the right decisions at the right time by thinking of the pros and cons. Some of these decisions may be perceived as risks by a lot many people. But if we are confident about what we are doing, we needn’t bother about the comments the others tend to pass at us. As a matter of fact, people around love to discourage those who have actually succeeded at what they aim for.

Consider a person who has got a job in a new city. He needs to analyze the pros and cons of going to a new city in terms of factors like the job role, the company size, expected growth, cost of living etc. If he is convinced that it would be beneficial keeping everything in mind, then he would make the shift else not. But again, for every person the factors would differ. And moreover, the priority of those factors would also change.

What is risky for one person maybe par for the course for another. Similarly what is bold for someone maybe a normal day to day activity for another. If one has made a decision to move forward in life thus overcoming the trials, tribulations and challenges, he needs to understand that all the factors need to be considered and an informed decision needs to be made.

All of us (me included) face such challenges in our lives. Weren’t we apprehensive when we left home for our graduation? How would we make friends? What would we eat? How would we manage life without being pampered day in and day out?

When we took up our first jobs, weren’t we nervous? How would our colleagues treat us? How would our bosses treat us? Would we able to handle the pressure? We humans always tend to have a lot of questions.

All of us fall in love at least once. But aren’t we scared every time we go and propose our loved one? What if she refuses? What if she rejects our friendship as well? What if we are forced to live our life without her presence? Such questions and more keep circling in our heads all the time.

When we move to a new city or country, each of us is apprehensive about the food, the rents, the people, the atmosphere etc. for living a normal life.

But then, life is all about taking those bold steps keeping a proper thought process in mind. One can always live a normal life without going the extra mile. But then, if we want to achieve something big and gain a foothold in our professional and personal lives, we need to take decisions that would keep us happy and satisfied for many years going forward.

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  1. I’m a general a person who isn’t scared of making descisions in life. Are they all right ones, not always. Coffee is on

    • aseemrastogi2

      Making right and wrong decisions is part and parcel of life. It’s only when we make the wrong decisions do we learn. Until we fall we never learn, do we?

  2. As someone said – life begins out of your comfort zone. 🙂

    • aseemrastogi2

      So true Saru. It’s only when we move out of our comfort zone that we realize the challenges life can thrust upon us.

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