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Month: July 2012

Guest Post: Top 5 cities to visit this summer!

What does the summer of 2012 have in store for travelers like us? Which cities are calling out our names? Which hotels are clearing up their reservations? Which beaches are welcoming the bright and shining sun? The top cities to visit across the planet always remain unlimited. But we have tried to name the top five this summer. Whether its shopping that drives you or cultural heritage that attracts you, whether its nightlife you are looking for or history is our cup of tea, we are sure that a lot many of you would agree with this list.

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An open letter to women who don’t wish to get raped or molested!

Update: I guess all of you need to read the whole post to understand the point I am trying to make. You can hold your judgements about my character till that point!

Dear Modern Woman,

How come you are alive? Your parents didn’t kill you? But the facts say that every year thousands of girl children are dumped in dustbins, on roads, left in hospitals or killed alive. Maybe you are among the lucky few to have survived. I must congratulate you for that. But then, you never know in this big bad world, when disaster comes calling. If you think you can cheat death by surviving accidents or illnesses you cannot be more wrong.

Amongst our ilk, there is a huge number who are ready to rape, strip, molest and do all that and much more to women like you at the drop of a hat. And that could drive you to kill yourself or we could do the formalities ourselves. I can hear you ask as to who gave us this right. We are a nation where crimes against you are brushed under the carpet so easily that who wouldn’t be encouraged to satisfy his voyeuristic pleasures. Whether we pinch a girl’s buttocks or grab her breasts, whether we strip her clothes or grope her in public, people would be ready to join us, but no one would bother to save her. How do you expect us not to satisfy our pleasures in such a scenario?

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Guest Post: How to Make Your Dreams Come True

You think about things you would like to do, but most people think that dreams are just for dreaming. Here’s how to make your dreams come true.

Take time out to reflect on what your dreams are

When many people think about what they want out of their lives, these thoughts are often a brief moment as quick to leave as they were to emerge. Perhaps they appear while you’re waiting in line for coffee, or in the few minutes of downtime between tasks. Rarely do people dedicate a considerable period of time to figuring out what their dreams actually are.

In order to make your dreams come true, you have to pinpoint what they are, and that takes plenty of reflection. Sit in your favorite location, undisturbed, and visualize the type of life you would ideally lead. Take your time with this exercise. Fill in all the details. Do it more than once, too. Make time for this exercise on several occasions to get the best picture of what your dreams are.

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Is life only about doing what benefits us?

One of the most important factors in every task we do, involves understanding the benefit that doing the task gives us. Obviously, why would we want to do something which may not help us in our personal or professional lives? As someone has said, “First think of yourself before thinking of others.” Why waste one’s time in doing something which may not even have a personal benefit? But is life only all about the benefits we earn? Read on!

Benefits are a very important part of any task we undertake whether its as simple as deciding to take a car to work rather than expending all our energy walking all the way or as complicated as learning some special softwares to help us go higher up the ladder in our organization. Whenever we are taking up a task, the first thing we ask is, “How will it help us?” That’s how it should be. Why would we want to do something which may not at all be useful in our present or our future? These benefits will help us realize our future goals, aspirations and dreams.

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Guest post: Review – Game of Thrones

If you are a fan of medieval fantasies, you will probably enjoy the HBO original series ‘Game of Thrones’. In fact, if you just like complex, convoluted drama, it should appeal to you and clearly, you are not alone. The proof is with the critics. ‘Game of Thrones’ made the best of the best list in 2011 in both the ‘Washington Post’ and ‘Time Magazine’. ‘Entertainment Weekly’ states that it is achieving universal acclaim.

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In conversation with Bhavna Rai: Author of Fate, Fraud & A Friday Wedding

Bhavna Rai was born in Delhi and has subsequently lived in the Philippines, Kenya, Thailand, Germany and the US. In a career spanning fourteen years, she has worked with some of the leading technology firms of the world. She currently lives in Hong Kong, with her husband and their two children. Fate, Fraud & A Friday Wedding is her first novel.

1. When did you say to yourself – “I am going to become a writer”? How did it all begin?

I would have to go all the way back to IXth grade for this one. I always knew that I could write and would write. Why I didn’t actually write for about 10 years from college onwards, I can’t quite explain. Life took over, I guess. It was only in 2001 that I realized I had a story to tell and I needed to start writing it. So I opened a blank Word document with no plan, no outline, no timeline and then somehow it all just came together. For me, “Fate, Fraud And A Friday Wedding” is all about the characters. It’s set in a time when India was going through tremendous transformation and I wanted to write about how people’s lives have been transformed as well.

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