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Being the intrepid

person she was, she made sure

to climb to the top.

The sunrise there was

breathtaking and had in it

to mesmerize all.

He had this dogma

that watching the sunrise would

be good for his happiness.


Linking to Tale Weaver #286: Sunrise, Sue Vincent’s Prompt, Fandango One Word Challenge: Dogma and Your Daily Word Prompt: Intrepid



It was as if by

design that the clouds moved in

to aid them in need.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Design, Fandango One Word Challenge: Aid, Sue Vincent’s Prompt: Darkness



The sea glistened in

the sunlight as he came out

after the short swim.

Linking to Sue Vincent’s Prompt: Glisten


Mysteries of the forests

Mysteries of the forests

The ubiquitous

forests hid a lot many

secrets of the past.

Linking to Sue Vincent’s Prompt and Fandango One Word Challenge: Ubiquitous

Lost in thoughts

He was cranky hearing the prolix speeches and

decided that he needed to spend some time at the

beach where he saw a ball of fire in the sky.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Fire in the Sky, Fandango One Word Challenge: Cranky, Your Daily Word Prompt: Prolix and Sue Vincent’s Prompt

Flying to safety

Flying to safety

The clouds were looking ominous as the

mature one among them was leading the

way though they almost got stuck in the rain.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Almost, Fandango One Word Challenge: Mature and Sue Vincent’s Prompt: Soar



The surroundings were sibilant as he took

the risk of opening the door which hadn’t

been left closed since the time she had disappeared.

Linking to Sue Vincent’s Write Photo prompt, Ragtag Daily Prompt: Sibilant and Fandango One Word Challenge: Risk




The rains did their bit

And now the mist seemed to show

The tricks up its sleeve.

Linking to Sue Vincent’s Write Photo prompt

100 word story: Life

100 word story: Life

They sat there on the rocky outcrop wondering how their lives had changed. They both had rough childhoods and their notion of happiness was just to make more money and move out of their dingy homes.

Little did they know that more than a decade later they would have a house by the sea and a flourishing business which would put them among the creme de la creme in the city.

It was an idea which was enough to change their world and of those around them. Their life had taken a 360-degree turn like a circle in a spiral.

Linking to Sue Vincent’s Write Photo prompt, Ragtag Daily Prompt: Like a Circle in a Spiral and Fandango One Word Challenge: Notion

Ten Word Story: Bridge

Ten Word Story: Silence

He did block her but

she wanted to settle scores.

Linking to Sue Vincent’s Write Photo prompt, Ragtag Daily Prompt: Settle & Fandango One Word Challenge: Block

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