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Movie Review – 127 hours

A movie which gives you a completely surreal experience about life. A movie which almost entirely runs on one particular scene. A movie which has only a single character at its heart. A movie which concentrates on driving your attention more through the background score, the hero talking to himself and splendid cinematography. A movie which you can see from beginning to end with eyes shut out of fear and thankfulness to god that you weren’t Aron Rolston. 127 hours directed by Danny Boyle has all this and more included in its 1.5 hours running time.

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TAKE YOUR PICK!! Yusuf Pathan: 123* at Bangalore against Kiwis vs 105 at Centurion against RSA

People said he couldn’t translate his domestic form to international success. People said that he can’t play the short ball. People said that he doesn’t have the temperament for the big stage. Others said he is a player who can hit only local tracks and that’s the reason he has been selected for the Cricket World Cup 2011. Many even said that he can play well only in the IPL. But with two violent centuries in the past 2 months along with a couple of 50s has all but sealed his place in the World Cup team and shut the mouths of his detractors for some time to come. The two centuries couldn’t be more different.

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Salman and Kareena at SIBM Pune: Finally get to see what celebrity worship is like!!

For the uninitiated Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor are currently at the Symbiosis Lavale campus for the first schedule of their Malayalam remake “Bodyguard”. They along with the entire gang of hundreds of extras, technicians and god knows who have encroached the entire campus as if its their own property for the past 1 week and aim of doing so for the next two weeks at least. So much so that many of us are wondering whether we are in a college or a movie studio. But then there are others. Some students have been signed as extras while many others excluding yours truly are star struck as if its the biggest event of the year.

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Mobile Number Portability comes to India! – Will it work?

The much awaited Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is finally here after a delay of more than 1.5 years. Under the scheme one can have the same number across mobile networks by paying a very small fee of Rs 19 to the existing operators. A lot of people regard it as a positive change for our telecom industry which has for long had complaints of saturation, very low tariffs, poor customer services and congested networks. So the biggest question is “Can it herald the change it promises?”

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Indigo stuns the world of aviation with a mind – boggling deal!!

With more than 17% market share, Indigo has just crossed Air India to become the 3rd largest player in Indian aviation and the largest in the LCC segment. It announced an order of 100 Airbus A320s for a price of US$ 6 billion during the Paris Air Show in 2005 which stunned the world of Indian aviation. But its recent announcement to buy an additional 180 Airbus A320s which includes 150 new A320s (A320neo) for a price of US$ 15.6 billion which are 15% more fuel efficient than other flights has stunned the entire world. Everyone across the spectrum has sat up to take notice of a LCC in India started just 5 years back!

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Movie Review – No One Killed Jessica

11 years have passed since Jessica Lall was murdered in cold blood at a Delhi pub cum restaurant called Tamarind Nights in a party organized by famous socialite Bina Ramani. 4 years have passed since Manu Sharma and others were acquitted and then re-trialled to be finally convicted. Less than a year has passed since his punishment has been converted into life imprisonment despite Ram Jethmalani’s (a lawyer who fights only for the big and corrupt) vehement protests. Links of an interview of his with Karan Thapar in Devil’s Advocate and Sagharika Ghose in CNN IBN are given here for the benefit of those who don’t know much about the case.

The movie brings back to life Jessica Lall (Myra) and Sabrina Lall’s (Vidya Balan) simple story which was one day stopped in its tracks when Jessica was shot dead in cold blood by Manish Bharadwaj (Mohd Zeeshan Ayub) in party by Bubbles Sabharwal (Mallika Sehgal). This happened despite the presence of Vikram Jai Singh (Niel Bhoopalam) and 300 other guests. As the guests turn hostile one after another, Sabrina loses her mom as well as her hope. Enter Rani (A Barkha Duttseque performance) who wears the word “BITCH” on her forehead and keeps mouthing expletives with such easy that you wonder, if she does that so easily in her life. The rest of the movie deals with the way Sabrina gets justice.

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My Name is Aseem and I am not a TERRORIST!

Swami Aseemanand has recently accepted responsibility for his hand in the Mecca Masjid, Lumbini Park and Gokul Chaat shop blasts in Hyderabad in 2007 as well as the blast on Samjhauta Express! The fact that there are reports that he is an Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh man (RSS) has given cannon fodder for the Congress government to beat their own trumpet on so called Hindu Terrorism.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was started off as Hindu nationalist and culturalist organization more than 75 yrs back. But over the years it’s critics have accused it of supporting militancy while others have called it as a totally extremist organization. But BJP supporting it directly / indirectly has always accused Congress of bringing up the concept of Hindu Terrorism. On the other hand Congress has always been accused by the BJP of pleasing the Muslim minorities in a bid to get more votes and therefore not solving the hundreds of terrorism related cases in the country.

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India justify their No.1 Cricket Test Team tag with flying colours!

Long before the Indian cricket team landed in South Africa, there were murmurs of India get thrashed 3-0. Corrie Van Zyl, coach of South Africa had warned about them targeting India with green, bouncy tops. Steyn and co were ready to bounce India out at every moment. Graeme Smith and AB De Villiers had openly challenged India saying that their number 1 ranking would have no meaning if they failed to win the series in South Africa. All this was compounded by the fact that India had one just one match ever in South Africa let alone win or draw a series.

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Book Review – Another Chance

Another Chance is Ahmed Faiyaz’s second writing venture after his bestseller “Love Life and All that Jazz”. This book has come out pretty close on heels to his previous book.

From the prologue itself you realise that this book can be right away made into a Bollywood flick. And that point is affirmed as one gets engrossed in the book. The story moves forward from where Love, Life and All that Jazz ended with the friends just out of college. Here it’s about how the protagonists are able to maintain a consistent work – life balance as well as give time to their loved ones.

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Foodie Review – Mainland China

Mainland China is probably the most famous among the very small group of authentic Chinese restaurants in the country. With more than 30 outlets in over 15 cities of the country it has carved a name for itself in providing the best Chinese food. By authentic Chinese I mean serving the same kind of vegetables, spices, sauces etc. which are done in China. This is totally different from Indian Chinese which as the name sounds has been Indianised like any other dish be it burger served by Mcdonalds, Burger King and KFC or Pizza served by Pizza Hut.

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