Blog comments

As in life, feedback is very important even when it comes to blogging. Without regular feedback, a blogger wouldn’t know how well he / she is connecting with the audience. The blogger wouldn’t know how to improve and take his / her blog to the next level.

And so I was quite intrigued when I saw the questions at Blogging Insights

How important is the comments section to your blog? 

I would say it’s one of the most important sections since I feel that my audience helps me to keep improving myself day by day. Without their feedback, the blog would just be a barren land simply like a desert without any trees around.

Do you read comments on other people’s blogs / posts? 

I guess it depends. Sometimes if I am referring to a blog for a piece of information, I would read the comments as well since I am of the belief that a lot of interesting insights are shared in the comments section in such cases. But in case if I am reading a poem or story on a blog, I wouldn’t really see the comments. Instead, I would just share my opinion.

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