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Photography: Harvard University Campus

Photography: Harvard University Campus


I had a chance to visit the Harvard University Campus in Cambridge last year. While we didn’t get a chance to go into the library or any of the other classrooms as such, we did take a stroll around the campus. And I must say it’s really green and beautiful.

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Photography: Delicate colours

This week’s Lens – Artists Photo Challenge looks at delicate colours. I have been living in a desert for the last couple of years and therefore it’s generally a delight whenever we get to see different colours specifically in the winter season when the temperatures are about 15 degrees celsius in the day.

Below are some of my clicks during our park and farm visits during the last few years.

Photography: Delicate colours Photography: Delicate colours Photography: Delicate colours

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Photography: En-route

Photography: En-route

This is from my flight this February which I had taken to return back to Kuwait  from India weeks before the world closed down its doors. At that time, I guess none of us had the slightest inkling that the world would go under lockdown.

One can only wonder as to when flying will return to pre-COVID levels again.

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Photography: Sunset during Fall

When I was in the US in October of last year, I loved every bit of seeing fall colours wherever I could. But I never knew that the colours up above in the skies would be equally beautiful too.

These ones are during one of the walks I had taken after a spell of rain in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Photography: Sunset during Fall Photography: Sunset during Fall Photography: Sunset during Fall

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Photography: Amsterdam

Photography: Amsterdam

The beautiful canals of Amsterdam 


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Photography: Pastime

During this lockdown, we have all either inculcated new pastimes or revisited old ones. While binge watching shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime and the likes is definitely up there amongst everyone’s pastimes, what about pursuing a hobby or interest.

In the past two months I have been blogging more than I ever did in the past 2.5 year. I have also been cooking very regularly which I had been doing only occasionally in the past few years. Moreover, with the world still fairly locked down, all one can do is reminisce old travels.

I love the postcard board and the magnet board we have at our house.

Photography: Pastime

Photography: Pastime

Photography: Pastime

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Photography: Cloudy skies

While blue skies are beautiful in their own right, it’s always fun to see the clouds doing their own thing in the skies up above.

Here are some of the pictures which I have taken from my balcony here in Kuwait in the past few weeks.

Photography: Clouds Photography: Clouds Photography: Clouds Photography: Clouds

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Photography: Mount Tahtalı

I quite like this week’s Lens-artists challenge which shows what a difference a little bit of photo editing can make.

This one is at the top of Mount Tahtalı in Antalya where we went by cable car. In the edited photo, I have just cropped out the viewing platform so that the nature around stands out in contrast.

Photography: Mount Tahtalı

Before editing

Photography: Mount Tahtalı

After editing

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Photography: Blue skies

Blue skies have a beauty of their own which nothing else can replace. There are so many times we all pray for clear blue skies free from all the clouds, the dust, the haze and whatever one can imagine.

Here are ‘fairly’ blue skies from 3 continents.

Photography: Blue Skies - Muscat

Muscat, Oman

Photography: Blue Skies - Portland

Portland, Maine, USA

Photography: Blue Skies - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Photography: Rain

There was a time when we could all travel and flying was still considered normal. And so when I saw the topic of the Lens Artists Challenge for this week – ‘Wet images’, I couldn’t help but remember those days when we encountered rains during our travel to different parts of Europe.

Photography: Rain


Photography: Rain

Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul

Photography: Rain


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