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Doing your Laundry

Doing your Laundry

Washing, drying and

folding clothes was a routine

he became used to


Once everything was

set, the washing machine came

to life with a rumble


It had a life of

its own making the clothes dance

amidst the detergent

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Photography: Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are common across the world particularly bringing quite a vibe for a variety of buildings. Geometry is generally an integral part of architecture and ensures that structures appear aesthetically pleasing.

Photography: Geometric Shapes

Hamburg, Elbphilharmonie

Photography: Geometric Shapes

Hudson Yards, New York

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New Start

A new start

People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding.

While the supporters were only human to expect a comeback from their team after a decade of success, the defeat which sent them crashing out of the World Cup had actually spelled the end of the road for many of the team members.

This became an overture to a long delayed overhaul of the entire football ecosystem in the country. It gave everyone time to figure out the way forward and to pick up the pieces and start afresh.


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Cycle of Seasons

Cycle of Seasons

As the seasons change, so does a lot in our lives.

While spring is the time for new plans to look forward to,

Summer is the time for so many outdoor activities.

While autumn is the time when colours and seasons change,

Winter is the time for getting in the warmth and spending time with family around the fireplace.

As the seasons change, so does a lot in our lives.


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Nifty Nemesis

Nifty Nemesis

He had accepted the fact that his nemesis was quite nifty and been able to prove that his work was junk enough to show that it was finally the time for a change at the top.

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100 word fiction: Summer vs Winter

100 word fiction: Summer vs Winter

It was a warm summer day with brilliant sunshine. With the temperature in the early 20s, it was the sort of the day which one would spend out in the open as much as possible. He was used to the long and cold winters and therefore seeing the sun was a time to rejoice, an emotion he longed for.

As he walked down the stairs to tend to his fields, he couldn’t help but remember how white everything looked during winter. At times, the heavy snowfall would make things quite dangerous. And then, he would covet the warmth of summer.

100 word fiction: Summer vs Winter

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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A Painter Without a Brush

Colours of Life

The painter gave life to a plethora

of colours which define life in all its

shapes and forms with several ups and downs.


Note: The poem is inspired from the abstract art titled – ‘A Painter Without a Brush’ (Gerhard Richter) 

Linking to dVerse Challenge: Poetics – The Poet as Painter

Myriad of Possibilities

Myriad of Possibilities

Her life gave the impression that it was a myriad of possibilities as she kept flitting from one place to another. She never liked staying put in one job or location. And being a travel blogger, allowed her to live that dream. But little did she know that the path to the house through the forests would haunt her in her dreams.

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Myriad of Possibilities

Translucent Window

Translucent Window

As the flood of light inundated the

room through the translucent window, he felt

a rush of energy only to have

his stomach in knots at the thought of the

approaching cyclone which was enough to

scathe them leaving a ton of damage behind.


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Being the solitary one left near the neighbourhood after the week long tree-cutting drive, it felt lost. The city had burgeoned so much so that whatever was left of the greenery was being cut to make way for the giant new apartment complexes. Amidst all this, the tree felt like a lamb to the slaughter. Seeing the apartment complexes on one side and the solitary tree on the other was like seeing opposite worlds.

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