Menstrual leave – To be or not to be?

Menstrual leave
Menstrual leave


I must say I came across this concept only very recently when a company advertised this new policy in their organization on Linkedin. As expected from the comments section, the people were divided on whether it made sense or not. As is always the case, there are two sides to the coin and you would agree or disagree depending on the side you are on.

There are days in a month where women feel unwell when they are going through the menstrual period. And this may affect them in terms of their efficiency of doing the various tasks. So a policy like menstrual leave enables them to rest and relax without having to worry about meeting their deadlines for completing a certain task. It also shows an organization’s empathy in understanding the concerns of a woman employee.

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What brings a tear to our eyes?



Tears are secretions from the lacrimal glands in the eye. They are generated due to a variety of mental or physical issues which may or may not be controllable by the individuals themselves.

From a mental standpoint, we cry either when we are distressed about something or our happiness knows no bounds. Loosing your girlfriend, getting your dream job, failing in the exam, losing an important deal, meeting your parents after many years and so on and so forth are the kind of situations which we all go through day in and day out.

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Re-doing my Home

Our home is where our hearts always lie. We feel safe and secure behind those four walls. Whether its about saving us from the brutal summer or harsh winter, our homes provide us the shelter we need. And therefore, we all dream of having the perfect home with beautiful fittings, vibrant colours and large spaces. When I was searching for options to decorate my home, I happened to visit the MakeMyHome website. It gives a great variety of products to choose from. And I couldn’t resist.

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Are you really patriotic?


When you get out of the airport, you throw litter on the road without a concern. Despite knowing that the vehicle you use is causing pollution, you don’t care because no one asks you to change. You don’t go to vote but keep cribbing about every minister in the country. You can tweet, blog or put up Facebook posts on the state of the nation and what can be done better. But you dislike the thought of even trying to make things better by working for a government organization to build the future of the nation.

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Power & Sexual Harassment: A close relationship?


What is power? Some define it as having status and money. Some define it is having the ability to change policy decisions of countries. While many others define power as that thing which can change your life from one direction to an altogether different direction. Whatever it may be, everyone wants some level of power to be able to exert their influence over others. All of us want money, fame and status. But then, there are some who desire power even more than the others. And they try to do everything in their ability to milk their status. Whether it is greed or pursuing shady deals or even sexually abusing women, they make use of the power they have to get what they want.

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Why do people turn into workaholics?


Some do it to impress their bosses. Some do it to try to reach the highest ladder of their professional careers in the shortest possible time. Some do it because of peer pressure. But then, does becoming a workaholic help? Does it mean ‘Once a workaholic always a workaholic’? Does work – life balance even exist for a workaholic? Let’s check it out.

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Interview with Rajshri Raajgopal – Author of Boomerang


Rajshri Raajgopal is a graduate in English Literature from Kerala University. She also gained CELTA from Cambridge University and Postgraduate Diploma in Pre-Primary Teaching from Pune. Rajshri was a Cabin Crew with Emirates Airlines and has lived in Dubai, Ireland and United Kingdom before relocating to Bangalore. She also writes children’s books for Mimitra Enterprises. Her first book in this genre is Mani. She is a single parent whose determination to become successful led her to fulfill her dream of becoming a writer. Boomerang is her first adult fiction.

She joins us exclusively for an interview –

Aseem: From graduating in English literature to writing. Your life seems to have come a full circle. How did it come about?
Rajshri: Destiny. I took up English Literature because I love reading. Writing had always been on my mind but it never really materialized until now. I guess that’s why they say there is a time for everything.

Aseem: What’s the most challenging of them all – Writing or being a cabin crew member?
Rajshri: The most challenging was being a housewife.

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