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Ten Word Story: Education

Ten Word Story: Education

While education does provide answers,

it doesn’t know it all.

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Ten Word Story: Brightness

Ten Word Story: Bright

As the sky lit up,

the lights went off inflight.

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55 word fiction: Squad

55 word fiction: Squad

They felt that they had assembled their best ever squad for a World Cup. In the past, it was a case of so near yet so far as they performed really well until stumbling at the final hurdle. But this time, things seemed different as they had won almost everything leading up to the tournament.

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100 word fiction: Recollection #AtoZChallenge

100 word post: Recollection

“I need to solve this mystery. This mind-map gives the possible options I feel the culprit would have had in mind. There are also a few names and telephone numbers which I think I should call immediately.”

Since he suffered from amnesia, he always made mind maps to recollect whatever he had to whether it was day-to-day household chores or any office responsibilities.

Over the years, he had also developed a curiosity to investigate into any issues in his neighbourhood be it a simple argument or any kind of wrongdoing sometimes which could prove disastrous for himself and his family.

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Ten Word Story: Screen

Ten Word Story: Screen

She unlocked his screen only

to stumble upon his infidelity.

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