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He made them proud..

He made them proud..

He had only seen poverty. While his father was a daily wage labourer, his mother worked from house to house washing dishes. But despite their struggles, they tried to ensure that they could educate him so that he had a better life. They always felt that – In their dreams they sleep with the moon.

As luck would have it, their son got a scholarship. Post his education, within the first year of joining an MNC, he made sure that his parents were out of the misery they had lived in. He had made them proud after all. While others did a lot of yada, yada, yada about taking care of parents, he made sure he actually did.

When he was a child he couldn’t ever dream of having a debit card. But now he was making sure that anyone could access the banking system.

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100 word fiction: Her new glasses

Her new glasses

“I have been looking for a good pair of glasses since a long time. The last pair I had was my favourite. But when it accidently broke apart due to my carelessness, I was devastated.”

Anita had high myopia and needed the right kind of glasses to achieve her dream of becoming a pilot.

During childhood, she had suffered a lot from dryness of the eyes. This affected her mentally and psychologically during her school and university days. But as the years passed by, she was all the more determined.

“Let me take a selfie to see how I look.”

100 word fiction: Nostalgia

100 word fiction: Nostalgia

“After days of rain, it’s a delight to see the sun shining in all its glory. It would have been beautiful if we had our children with us today.” Gloria couldn’t help but remember the days gone by.

The Robinson’s always made it a point to spend their weekends in their garden. While the children played on the rides, the parents discussed about everything under the sun. It was a lovely way for the family to bond together.

Once the children left for university and then got jobs, the times spent in the garden became nothing but a distant memory.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

100 word fiction: Missed connections

Is life all about work?

Is life all about work?


“You have gone too far with materialistic pursuits. It seems as though friends and family have become non-existent as far as you are concerned. Do you ever sit back and think on what you are missing in life?”

Roy had been a brilliant student both at school and university. Within a few years, he had risen to the upper echelons of the organization due to his commitment and dedication.

But he had just been through a painful divorce. He hadn’t been in regular touch with friends or family for years. His personal life was a disaster of the highest order.

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Importance of friends & family

Friends & Family

Friends & Family


There are so many moments in our lives which are worth cherishing for years on end. Along with keeping us happy and contented, they act as a motivation to strive hard to excel and achieve a lot more.

Securing the highest marks in our class for a particular subject

Winning a prize in sports

Achieving fame and money amidst a plethora of individuals

Becoming a parent

Meeting and spending time with our friends and family

Some of you may wonder the reason I have included the last one as a memorable moment. What’s so special about spending time with friends and family? Aren’t they the people who we meet almost every day?

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