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100 word fiction: Ray of hope

100 word fiction: Ray of hope

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

“It has been a tough year for everyone. As we begin this new year, we all hope and pray that the next one will be better in every sense of the word.”

As the residents of the city bid goodbye to 2020 with a short speech by the mayor, there was optimism in the air. As people lit candles with messages of hope, there was relief more than elation at seeing the back of a year which almost everyone wanted to forget.

They felt that the beginning of a new year brought a ray of hope for mankind to start afresh.

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Book Review – Kaleidoscope of Cheer and Hope

Book Review - Kaleidoscope of Cheer and Hope

Once the scale of this pandemic began to hit home, I am sure we all expected that a lot many books will be written and movies will be made in the years to come. It’s not everyday we live through a pandemic, do we? So thinking this, I picked up “Kaleidoscope of Cheer and Hope” by Manjulika Pramod.

The blurb goes like this –

This book is born in one of the most unprecedented times of history and it clearly aims to picture reality, create awareness, spread cheer, and convey that we are together in this pandemic. It thrives on authentic illustrations and vivid commentary on some of the most important events of the lockdown. The book promises visual meditation and helps in positive grieving.

The act of making personal notes and capturing the current situation into meaningful drawings gave birth to “Kaleidoscope of Cheer and Hope”. In these times of uncertainty and anxiety, the author felt a dire need to emphasize the importance of taking care of one’s mental health, social distancing, maintaining personal hygiene, expressing gratitude, and manifesting hope for humanity, and thus, she created a world for herself and others. Art turned out to be a powerful tool in this positive campaign.

For years, words and creations have been used as a response to uncertainty and catastrophe. The current scenario is no different. Hope this book helps you to introspect, emote, question, and preserve these unexpected times in more than one way.

These are unprecedented times not only for the current generation but for generations from the past and the future as well. The world hasn’t seen a pandemic of this kind in decades.

The cover of the book perfectly portrays what to expect. There are 50 different illustrations of life during the lockdown with interesting titbits thrown in about the way life went haywire.

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Importance of friends & family

Friends & Family

Friends & Family


There are so many moments in our lives which are worth cherishing for years on end. Along with keeping us happy and contented, they act as a motivation to strive hard to excel and achieve a lot more.

Securing the highest marks in our class for a particular subject

Winning a prize in sports

Achieving fame and money amidst a plethora of individuals

Becoming a parent

Meeting and spending time with our friends and family

Some of you may wonder the reason I have included the last one as a memorable moment. What’s so special about spending time with friends and family? Aren’t they the people who we meet almost every day?

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100 word fiction: The route to success..

The route to sucess..

The route to success..


“The route to success is littered with numerous obstacles which test your resilience. Only when you begin your journey will you actually realize how far you can go.”

He was an eternal optimist who believed that though things are not always easy and perfect, good things always happen to good people in the end. Seeing that his son had a keen interest to pursue a career in music, he always encouraged him to consider taking it up professionally.

He believed that if one did experience challenges and obstacles on route to success and overcame them, success would feel even sweeter.

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