The time for love..

Candlelight Dinner
Candlelight Dinner


It was the season for love the world over. Couples were exchanging cards, gifts, hugs, kisses and the likes. Restaurants, hotels, pubs and discos had come up with special offers to attract couples from all walks of life. It seemed as though, everyone had found a reason to fall in love all over again on just one particular day. But for the Sharma’s it was a simple day to rekindle their love all over again.

More than 25 years had passed since the day they ran away and got married. Their parents had voiced their disapproval on the alliance since they felt societal status was much more important for them rather than seeing their children happy and contented. But the children didn’t care one bit and decided to elope together. With time, the parents had to relent and let go their anger as they realized that their happiness lay in seeing their children happy.

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50 word fiction: Keeping them together..

Keeping them together..
Keeping them together..


She always wished to see her brothers stay together till the end of her time. Sadly, that was what it was. Almost as soon as she passed away, all of them started to go their own ways. The home she built with love and care came crashing down in days.

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Their sweet little reunion!

03/01/2013. Leaving Ireland. There were emotional

It had almost been an eternity since they last met. She had spent all this while reminiscing their times spent together. Whether it was his touch or his caring demeanor, she missed him being around. And today when she saw him, her feelings gave way to tears of happiness.

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Flash Fiction: That eerie feeling!


The work was more than hectic that day. Being a Friday, I had planned to leave earlier so that I could hang out with Ananya for a movie and a dinner date. But my boss had other plans. He ensured that I had much more than normal to do by scheduling multiple client calls as well as asking for the deliverables by end of the day. I couldn’t curse him enough.

When I finally finished filing the work, I got up to leave for home. It was 12:30am and there was almost no one in sight. A few lights and fans were switched on. But they were more to do with people having forgotten to switch them off rather than someone working late into the night. Guess, there weren’t as many crazy people as me working their energies off on a Friday evening.

As soon as I reached the lift with my laptop bag, the lights went off. I am not a person who gets scared easily. But then there wasn’t anyone around. And I was on the 25th floor of a 30 storey building. So it was going to take quite a bit of time even if I walk down the 25 floors.

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Flash Fiction: When I didn’t think twice before sending it!


And before I knew, I had hit ‘Send’. Everyone told me to shut myself up. There was almost no support for what I had gone through. Some said that your career would be finished. While others said that your family will be in danger. But I had it enough. There was only so much I could bear. And this time, I had decided to take a stand! I didn’t care what would the result be nor did I care for my life. All I wanted was some relief.

It all started a few months back when I went to apply for my annual leave. With the pressure of teaching more than 10 classes at school, I hadn’t taken leave for a year. And so as was the procedure, I had to specially meet the principal to convince him to approve my leave application. I knew that I had given all my hard work, sweat and dedication to this job and hadn’t left any stone unturned to ensure that the people who matter are happy with my contributions. But even in my wildest dreams, I wasn’t prepared for what I had to go through when I met him.

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Flash Fiction – The raging inferno


The music was at its highest decibel as hundreds of party goers rocked the dance floor to their heart’s content. Being a Saturday Night, the Sanda-Liva nightclub was teeming with people from all walks of life. You could see almost everyone let their hair loose and dance the night away. From Bryan Adams to Ricky Martin, from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry, songs of all kinds were being played by the DJ in the house, much to everyone’s delight.

With its retro interiors and the distinct variety of music played from across the board, Sanda-Liva was famous with people from all around the world. It had literally put the city of Narito on the world dance map.

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Flash Fiction – The day he made me blush..!


He knew his way with girls. Whether it was his good looks or his persona, girls were head over heels in love with him. But he was used to this. Wherever he went, girls followed him all the way. There were stories floating about him all the time. Some said he slept with each of them. Some said he was a spoilt brat. And there were many others who said that he didn’t know the meaning of love.

Like others, even I thought about him often. But then I was different. I couldn’t bring myself up to say something. Would he ever look at me with those love struck eyes? Would he be my knight in shining armour? He was smart. He was dashing. He seemed the perfect mix of tall, dark and handsome.

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