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Frontline Workers

Frontline Workers

A challenge awaits them every second,

Fighting against unseen enemy,

They step out everyday,

In the hope that things can get better,

They wear all the protective gear,

Knowing fully well that any mistake can be disastrous,

They may sweat and get frustrated as the stress increases,

But they know that each life is as important as the next,

They do their job each day with utmost dedication,

To ensure that everyone else stays happy and contented,

Their families wait for their arrival,

Hoping that each day passes by without worry,

These are the frontline workers who ensure that so many of us can sleep happily every night even during this pandemic.

Linking to dVerse Challenge: OpenLink Night #267




We all occupy different rooms at different points of our lives,

The room where we first enter as a baby in someone’s arms,

This is where our cries can be heard loud and clear,

Once school begins, we may move to a separate room,

This is where we grow up into a young adult,

With school over and the time to move on comes the college room,

It’s the room full of life, friends, fun and more,

Then comes a job, a family and all the responsibilities that go with it,

During this time rather than change rooms we get a new house or apartment itself,


As we grow older, our outlook towards a room changes.

Inspired by John Updike’s ‘Chambered Nautilus’

“How many rooms one occupies to lead
a life! – the child’s small cell, within earshot
of his parents’ smothered moans; the college room
assigned by number, a poster-clad outpost
of freedom, the married man’s bedchamber,
cramped scene of glad possession and sneaking sorrow…”

Linking to dVerse Poetics: Make some room

New York City

New York City

Initially, this image reminded me of the Lego building blocks with its different colours, shapes and sizes. But when I read that this has been done by Piet Mondrian when he moved to New York, I could figure the different squares in the painting to indicate the busy squares and thoroughfares in New York city. Manhattan specifically is full of so many buildings of different shapes and sizes that one could get lost in the maze. I remember walking in the city a couple of months ago and not being able to even get sunlight as the skyscrapers seemed to be competing with each other on who would be taller.

In the summer sun

he explored New York city

taking the subway

Linking to dVerse Challenge: Haibun Monday


Hope is what we have

Hope is what we have

Someday, this will be over– only remembered like some half-felt and fading nightmare.

The sun is still rising from the east and setting from the west,

Birds are flying up and about without a care in the world,

Animals are roaming freely in their habitats,

The weather is having its usual cycles from one season to another,

The seas are going through their usual mood swings,

There is so much which hasn’t changed yet there is so much which is different,

Jobs have disappeared leaving many penniless,

There is a real struggle for food and water,

Businesses have been shut leaving people at home,

Cracks have appeared in family relationships leaving many broken families,

But hope is all what we have and can cling onto amidst this chaos.

Linking to First Line Friday, Thursday Inspiration & Linda Hill: Stream of Consciousness



The howling winds had

driven away his sleep and

the rain played spoilsport

on the plan for the weekend

to go out for a picnic

Linking to dVerse Challenge: 5-Line Japanese Poetic Forms



Loneliness reared its ugly head,

Creating mental health issues along its path,

Conflicts arose amongst those at home,

Increasing divorces and domestic violence issues,

Economic pressures multiplied manifold,

Causing people to go hungry and struggle for survival,

But humans survived and adapted,

The world went online within a matter of weeks,

A lot of families and couples bonded like never before,

Nature thrived and life went on in more ways than one,

There wasn’t all doom and gloom as one saw through the portals ahead.

Linking to dVerse Poetics: About Portals



The world was in need of a fix,

As the pandemic had hit everyone’s life for a six,

The people had become sceptics,

As mental health and jobs had slips,

With the world slowly but surely coming to grips,

Everyone was preparing for conflicts.

Linking to dVerse Quadrille Challenge: We’re in a Fix



The birds sing a song,

The roosters crow along,

The cool breeze blows day long,

As the light begins to prolong,

The colours in the sky belong,

And the clouds turn to shapes like oblong,

While the environment plays along,

The stay-at-home orders continue to prolong.

Linking to dVerse Challenge: Open Link Night



Being a pilot was her goal,

As a matter of fact, traveling the world was her dream,

Dreams knew no boundaries,

All she wanted was journeys,

Courtesy which she could go overseas,

She hoped to travel far and wide,

Meeting people from different countries and cultures,

Spreading her happiness as she went along,

They told that the world was a beautiful place,

She wanted to explore it one city at a time,

Experiencing different cuisines in every city,

Traveling opened her eyes to all the possibilities,

With new perspectives and insights,

She was relieved that she was now a bird whose dreams had got wings.

Linking to dVerse Poetry Challenge: Doubly Perfect Fourteen Lines

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Relief & Fandango One Word Challenge: Fact



Being an introvert was his way of life but

Life around changed within weeks,

Handshakes got replaced by footshakes,

While kisses and hugs were considered dangerous,

Social interactions got replaced by video calls,

While going outside was considered dangerous,

As the world began to lockdown,

The pollution levels plummeted like never before,

While the birds and animals were having all the fun

Loneliness and seclusion inside was taking a toll like never afore,

The sound of the cars on the road and roar of the planes in the sky were absent,

But humans began to adapt and started to gain their composure,

As everything started to go online, it all compensated for the boredom,

The world was much more different than ever before,

But for him it was if he felt a part of it like never afore.

Linking to dVerse Poetry Challenge: Solitude

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: ComposureFandango’s One Word Challenge: CompensateWordless Wednesday & YeahWrite’s Weekly Challenge


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