Microblog Mondays: The test of endurance

For those who know me, they will surely know how much I love tales of endurance, human spirit and the will to survive in the toughest of conditions. And that is why I have been a big fan of movies like Everest, Gravity, 127 hours and books like Miracle in the Andes to name a few.

I recently watched a documentary called Touching the Void which is the story of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates who scaled the Siula Grande in the Andes in 1985. While they scaled the 6,300m peak in about 3 days, the journey back was almost nearly fatal. As soon as the decent began, Joe broke his leg and Simon had to make sure that both he and his friend came down together since they had tied the rope to each other when they had started and one’s death meant almost a fatal plunge for the other.

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Top 10 things to do in Greenland

Greenland - A place with so many natural wonders

Greenland – A place with so many natural wonders

Source: https://a2ua.com/greenland/greenland-007.jpg

With an area of more than 2 million sq km’s, Greenland is considered as the largest island in the world. But just about 20% of this area is ice-free where the 56000 residents of the country reside. To give some perspective, there are only 0.03 people per square kilometer making Greenland the least densely populated country in the world.

I have always been enamoured with Greenland considering it’s large tracts of emptiness and it’s location far away from the rest of the world (it’s about 1300 kms away from the nearest landmass). While I generally write personalized travel posts, Greenland’s beauty encouraged me to research more about the country and plan a travel itinerary.

Tourism is just beginning to grow in the country and therefore I have listed the top 10 things to do or see in this mysterious land.

1) Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Source: https://hurtigruten.global.ssl.fastly.net/assets/48f3bb

Like the rest of Scandinavia, parts of Siberia and more, Northern lights (or Aurora Borealis) is one of the prime attractions if you are in the country between November to March. Qaqortoq, Ittoqqortoormiit and Kangerlussuaq are the best places to see this phenomenon. These lights occur due to the sun’s electrically charged particles colliding with the earth’s atoms in the atmosphere. Moreover, it is said that Greenland is the best place in the world to see the Northern Lights.

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Five Sentence Fiction: Flowers at the door..

Smelling the flowers proved to be disastrous

Smelling the flowers proved to be disastrous

Source: http://amcoffee.celebratewomantoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Woman-Smelling-Flowers-in-the-field.jpg

It had been a few days since she had started getting those flowers at the doorstep. Though there wasn’t a name or a message, her initial reaction was of utmost happiness and delight as she seemed to have an inkling on the sender.

Interestingly, though these were beautiful, these flower types weren’t the usual kinds which people gifted their loved ones.

As the days went on, though the flowers kept coming weekly, her condition had started deteriorating with debilitating affects being observed on her nervous system courtesy the smell of these flowers.

What started as delight was slowly but surely turning into a cold blooded murder.

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Why the shame towards menstruation?

Why the shame towards menstruation?

Why the shame towards menstruation?

Source: http://www.sibenik.in/upload/novosti/2015/08/2015-08-04/45410//mm.jpg

From time immemorial, menstruation has been regarded as a taboo topic in Indian society. It is the blood flow from the inner lining of the uterus and happens once every month from the puberty stage till menopause except during pregnancy. While menstruation is something every woman in her life goes through, there are a lot many myths associated with it.

During this period, even today many women are not allowed to pray or enter the kitchen in their homes. In some cases, they are not even allowed to come out of their rooms lest they make their homes and the individuals around ‘impure’. Menstruation is regarded as something dirty and awful rather than a natural occurrence which is part of the reproductive cycle. Is it a woman’s fault that she is menstruating?

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