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Microblog Mondays: Global Warming

Global Warming

It’s the same story every year and things seem to be just getting worse as the years pass by. Flooding in India, Nepal and Bangladesh have killed more than a 1000 people already in 2017. With rainfall of 300mm on 29th August 2017, Mumbai, India’s financial capital had its wettest August day in 2 decades. With a recovery cost of more than $ 180bn, Hurricane Harvey is expected to surpass Hurricane Katrina as the worst storm on record in United States.

The carbon dioxide levels are at an all time high. The global sea temperatures are breaking records like never before thus creating even stronger storm events. The extent of ice in Antartica is lower than it has ever been. There have been record heatwaves across Europe and US leading to multiple wildfires.

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A divided world

A Divided World

Everyday we hear and read about violence in various forms. We hear about hate, death and despair inflicted upon humanity across the planet.

We read about how arguments over the smallest of things could turn into national or international disasters if proper attention is not given. All this makes one wonder on how we can continue to live in such a divided world.

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Microblog Mondays: India’s smog emergency

India's Smog Emergency

India’s Smog Emergency


As if having more than 10 Indian cities in the list of the top 20 most polluted cities wasn’t enough, the last few days have been disastrous for people living in many parts of the country.

While people generally have to contend with pollution from all kinds of vehicles, construction, factories, tanneries, power plants, noise and more on most days, this time it’s the farmers of Punjab and some parts of Pakistan who are burning 30 billion kgs of leftover straw. This started a week or two week back and slowly the toxic smoke consisting of a variety of dangerous gases has moved through to Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur, Chandigarh and most other parts of North India creating an apocalyptic situation.

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Life of an adrenalin junkie..




I recently watched the movie ‘Everest’ and first things first, I must say that it’s a visually breathtaking flick. But it got me thinking on the reasons why mountaineers do what they do.

Whether it’s the fun or the dream of conquering the impossible; the craze for living life at the edge or the fame associated with it, mountaineers have their reasons. And it’s the case with not only mountaineers but adrenalin junkies in general.

For many, this so called ‘adventurous’ life is nothing but a waste of money and public health resources. But for those who live on challenges, such experiences give meaning to their lives. It defines their personality and their day to day outlook.

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The love for cycling..

Copenhagen - The cycling capital of the world

Copenhagen – The cycling capital of the world


I was recently watching the Discovery Channel series – “Waterfront Cities of the World”. While Copenhagen is a beautiful place with lovely people, what struck me the most about the city was it’s cycling culture. With more than 40% of it’s people cycling daily to work, university, school or commuting socially, the love for cycling is ingrained in Danish society.

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Creating a Startup Revolution..

What is Entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship?


I just completed watching the first 4 episodes of TVF Pitchers, a new Indian show which talks about the journey of 4 guys who leave their cushy jobs to dream of starting their own company. In a country like India, there are hundreds of individuals who start their own companies every single day. But in comparison, the success stories are miniscule in number.

From lack of funding to a poorly developed idea; from inability to hire the right set of people to lack of differentiation among the competitors in the market, there are a number of reasons behind every failure. But one of the most fundamental ones is the ease with which wannabe entrepreneurs give up after being rejected a couple of times.

As is always the case in life, not giving up is the mantra one needs to follow to avoid being JUST another entity creating a startup revolution. It’s not always about doing different things but instead doing the same things differently could be revolutionary as well.

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Microblog Mondays: A blogger’s challenge?

Concentration is the key for blogging

Concentration is the key for blogging


There’s so much that goes behind writing a single blog post. How many of you have ever faced a scenario wherein there were a lot many topics in your mind but you weren’t sure what to begin with? Choosing a topic and then writing a post on the same covering all the points you had in mind requires a lot of dedication and commitment.

It’s all about concentrating religiously without getting distracted by anything around be it technology, people or any mundane day-to-day tasks. For posts where we need to research online before writing, it’s upto us not to fall into the temptation of surfing online and forgetting our primary goal. Once we complete a blog post, the comments, shares and the likes we get (or don’t) motivate us to write even more.


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