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If only

If only

He had forever been on the fringes of selection but could never quite capture the imagination of the selectors to make it to the team. With each passing day, his patience was wearing thin as he wasn’t able to bring in the energy to soldier on till he finally got selected.

His friends wrapped their arms around him and told to keep the faith and never be verecund. But he felt lost and could feel himself being crushed under the weight of expectations from his family and friends. If something wasn’t done soon enough, he knew that his skills would become evanescent.

As he lay underneath the stars and the hours ticked by one by one, he could hear a voice say something softly in his head. This was more than enough to obfuscate his thinking. But he couldn’t think beyond what that voice had said.

And so as it began to rain the next morning, by the end of it he had committed a felony. While he did think that he could escape, the law caught up with him quite quickly. For someone who came with dreams in his eyes to the city, this was a dramatic fall from grace. If only, he could have waited for a some more time.

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Lush melodies drew her to the door of the lounge, the friendly smiles enticed her inside. The people were smoking shisha and chit-chatting while the melodies filled the air. She was happy to see this after ages especially considering the fact that everyone had been working from home for almost half of the year.

That morning a funny thing happened on the way to the kitchen when she realized that she had forgotten her shoes in the laundry thus causing her clothes to get dirty. Being the head honcho of a multi-million dollar organization, she always carried himself with pizzazz wherever she went but not this time.

She had arrived as an analyst but with time she had grown professionally and would eventually depart as the leader of an excellent team of individuals. It was if she had transformed the life of her employees and brought them from darkness into light.

While she was a workaholic during the day, she ensured that she let her down in the evening with friends and some music to go along.

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More than anything, he was definitely peristeronic. His ability to multi-task and the speed at which he accomplished tasks meant that he could easily navigate his way through any maze without breaking a sweat. Over time, he had grown into a very precious resource and his superiors ensured that he was frequently exalted.

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Being the intrepid

person she was, she made sure

to climb to the top.

The sunrise there was

breathtaking and had in it

to mesmerize all.

He had this dogma

that watching the sunrise would

be good for his happiness.


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The redolence of fresh air greeted him as

he finally stepped out and felt that he could breathe easy post

the suffering he went through and was thankful

to the simpatico relationship with friends and family.

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She kept biting her fingernails as she

sat under the pergola outside in

the garden wondering if she had done

enough to ascertain herself in front

of the high and mighty so that she could

carve her identity in sands of time.

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Story of her life

Story of her life

She was tired of the creeps she had met throughout her life whether during work or education. While there were times when she was morose, she didn’t want incidents like these to leave a stain on her life and made sure that those perverts weren’t a pain in her neck.

There were times when she did feel that her life was like a yo-yo going from side to side. But then, she always made it a point to claw her way back from the depths to soar her way through to success years down the line.

Over the years, while she did feel the singularity of her existence especially considering the men she had met all her life, she never saw it as a reason for dips in her professional life.

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It was as if by

design that the clouds moved in

to aid them in need.

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As the lockdown began, they ideated and designed a project to aid the needy. While being unsure of its efficacy, they knew that just a cheque for the poor wouldn’t work. Instead, a more nuanced approach was needed.

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He loved the life in the hinterlands far away from all the pollution and the maddening crowds. It was delightful to have mouth-watering fresh produce directly from the farm. But he was worried at the thought of his farm getting obliterated to make way for real estate development.

This farm was the link to his childhood as his father tended to the numerous farms he owned with utmost care. While his house didn’t provide the greatest ambience, he was a good talker who could make anyone comfortable.

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