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A Painter Without a Brush

Colours of Life

The painter gave life to a plethora

of colours which define life in all its

shapes and forms with several ups and downs.


Note: The poem is inspired from the abstract art titled – ‘A Painter Without a Brush’ (Gerhard Richter) 

Linking to dVerse Challenge: Poetics – The Poet as Painter

Life and Death

Life and Death

Another life, another situation where the genotype influences the phenotype,

Where physical characteristics are more important than anything else,

Another death, another situation where all we are left with after a person’s loss is gripe,

Where we never cared for their well-being when they were alive and are left with nothing but their smells

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One can classify

dreams into a variety

of different types


Dreams can take us to

places we have never ever

thought of exploring

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Irony of life

Irony of life

He always complained

that he didn’t have enough

time for family


He always complained

that he didn’t have enough

time for having fun


He always complained

that he didn’t have enough

time to improve skills

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Story of her life

Story of her life

She was tired of the creeps she had met throughout her life whether during work or education. While there were times when she was morose, she didn’t want incidents like these to leave a stain on her life and made sure that those perverts weren’t a pain in her neck.

There were times when she did feel that her life was like a yo-yo going from side to side. But then, she always made it a point to claw her way back from the depths to soar her way through to success years down the line.

Over the years, while she did feel the singularity of her existence especially considering the men she had met all her life, she never saw it as a reason for dips in her professional life.

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100 word story: Life

100 word story: Life

They sat there on the rocky outcrop wondering how their lives had changed. They both had rough childhoods and their notion of happiness was just to make more money and move out of their dingy homes.

Little did they know that more than a decade later they would have a house by the sea and a flourishing business which would put them among the creme de la creme in the city.

It was an idea which was enough to change their world and of those around them. Their life had taken a 360-degree turn like a circle in a spiral.

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Ten Word Story: Horizon

Ten Word Story: Horizon

He looked beyond the horizon

wondering about life’s numerous possibilities.

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Being an introvert was his way of life but

Life around changed within weeks,

Handshakes got replaced by footshakes,

While kisses and hugs were considered dangerous,

Social interactions got replaced by video calls,

While going outside was considered dangerous,

As the world began to lockdown,

The pollution levels plummeted like never before,

While the birds and animals were having all the fun

Loneliness and seclusion inside was taking a toll like never afore,

The sound of the cars on the road and roar of the planes in the sky were absent,

But humans began to adapt and started to gain their composure,

As everything started to go online, it all compensated for the boredom,

The world was much more different than ever before,

But for him it was if he felt a part of it like never afore.

Linking to dVerse Poetry Challenge: Solitude

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100 word fiction: Sky #AtoZChallenge

100 word story: Sky

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

“This city looks so beautiful from our balcony, doesn’t it? Look at the lovely cloud formations. Living at such a height definitely has it’s perks.”

Ronald had arrived in the city more than 2 years ago. But only now did he finally begin to admire the city he was living in. He had been so caught up in the rat race to achieve something that he never bothered to appreciate whatever life had to offer.

It was all about earning as much as you could in the shortest possible time. But now he had got another chance to cherish life’s gifts.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

D for Darkness – #AtoZChallenge

D for Darkness - #AtoZChallenge

Location: Somewhere over Turkey

“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.”

– Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

I am taking the A to Z Challenge 2018 with Blogchatter

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