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Month: March 2018

Theme Reveal – Photography – #AtoZChallenge

Theme Reveal - Photography - #AtoZChallenge

This is my third attempt at completing the #AtoZChallenge. While in the past, I haven’t been able to complete all the 26 posts successfully, I have surely come quite close to the finish line.

After going for tried and tested themes like “Micro-fiction” and “Travel“during my last two attempts, I thought that this time should be slightly different.

I plan to post a photograph (taken by yours truly) each day of the month. Each of my photographs would have its own story whether its just a simple quote, thought or an emotion.

Looking forward to reading and interacting with exciting bloggers all throughout this month.

I am taking the A to Z Challenge 2018 with Blogchatter

Why I love the world?

World Love

From the time we Indians are born, we are always taught the tenet of “Unity in Diversity“. This is based on the fact that though we have a number of different religions, regions, castes, languages, food items and more in the country, we still live in a united India. Yes, everything is not as perfect as it was intended with discrimination at various levels but then we still celebrate each others festivals, have different types of food and even speak more than one language.

Growing up in an environment like this has always taught me to appreciate diversity in every form. Having traveled to more than 25 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa, I have met people from across the board. It has given me interesting perspectives of their culture, their thoughts and even their beliefs. Eg: Saving and investing a certain amount of money is not just an Indian or specifically an Asian thing. 

Meeting people who are different than we are also plays a strong role in helping remove stereotypes and myths created over many years. Eg: Not everyone from Africa deals in drugs and human trafficking.

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100 word fiction: Nostalgia

100 word fiction: Nostalgia

“After days of rain, it’s a delight to see the sun shining in all its glory. It would have been beautiful if we had our children with us today.” Gloria couldn’t help but remember the days gone by.

The Robinson’s always made it a point to spend their weekends in their garden. While the children played on the rides, the parents discussed about everything under the sun. It was a lovely way for the family to bond together.

Once the children left for university and then got jobs, the times spent in the garden became nothing but a distant memory.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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