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While he did seem like a beast,

a behemoth, he

was nothing but genial

much to her pleasure.

Being a bookworm,

she had her private space but

she had allowed him.


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Dominic bowed his head to hide his face. He felt ashamed of steps he took despite attempts to proclaim new beginnings.

When asked to save, he decided to spend. While others called him shallow due to his love for money, he considered it a deep paradox that having so much he couldn’t spend.

Eventually, it was too late as his temerity gave way to his shady dealings which marked his end.


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With him in denial, the wrangle continued. With the others adept at handling everything, he didn’t get anything in the end let alone a space to live. There was no luminescence in life.

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100 word fiction: Apple picking in a pandemic

Apple picking in a pandemic

“Thankfully, we could make it in time for apple picking.”

“Yeah, all the apples look so fresh. This was a lovely experience especially considering the pandemic has pretty much locked down our lives.”

“Though I hope there were less people around.”

Apple picking in a pandemic

Once they were back home, they sanitized everything and made sure to take bath. In times of the pandemic, they always did this whenever they went out.

In the night, they woke up with a sweat having dreamt of someone sitting lifeless on a chair. Had they done the right thing going out in the middle of a pandemic?

Apple picking in a pandemic

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55 word fiction: Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

As the world went into lockdown, he finally decided to deep clean his house. He didn’t want visiting his house to be an obnoxious experience. While he always bristled with energy at the thought of any activity, it was always a mystery as to why he was so lazy when it came to household chores.

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One can classify

dreams into a variety

of different types


Dreams can take us to

places we have never ever

thought of exploring

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She was tired seeing his cavalier attitude to life. All through the summer, she tried her best to make him understand the need to balance everything. But instead he could only assume that she didn’t care to see him happy until one day when she decided that she couldn’t take it anymore. But by then he knew that it was too late to apologize.

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Being a baby, he

felt that the time was never

enough to enjoy.

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