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100 word fiction: Inevitable

100 word fiction: Inevitable

As the number of coronavirus cases and deaths passed one grim milestone after another, he felt that God had only been delaying the inevitable as far as his and his family’s health was concerned.

While he always adhered to all the regulations as specified by the health authorities, he also knew that life couldn’t be locked down forever. Humans are social animals after all.

Even after things opened up, he avoided the busy areas like restaurants, theaters and malls. But he did eventually go to open spaces like parks and beaches to get his moiety of happiness and fresh air.

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As the lockdown began, they ideated and designed a project to aid the needy. While being unsure of its efficacy, they knew that just a cheque for the poor wouldn’t work. Instead, a more nuanced approach was needed.

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An ode to happiness

An ode to happiness

Happiness is an emotion,

Defined by feeling secure with your loved ones,

It can make your heart jump with joy,

And even help get rid of mental health issues.


Happiness is like icecream which slowly melts away,

It is a state of mind which is not there forever just like anything in life.

Happiness is about decreasing the distances with the people you love,

Rather than being callous, it is about being compassionate.


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