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Shoe tree

Shoe tree

The public made sure to lionize those that did

matter and their negatives were thought of

as extraneous and nipped in the bud so

that they could be glorified by hanging their

shoes in a line together making up a

shoe tree and this was done at many places

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Bud, Fandango One Word Challenge: Extraneous, Your Daily Word Prompt: Lionize, Crimson’s Creative Challenge #98, One Liner Wednesday

Starting a garden..

Starting a garden..

Catrin Welz-Stein

Time was nigh as far

as her plan of starting a

garden was concerned


She didn’t deviate from

her plan one bit despite the

proffer of a team


She made sure to clam

up the others saying that

it was in her mind


Once the idea

germinated in her brain,

they met as agreed

Starting a garden..

Linking to dVerse Challenge: Let Your Words Be Your Paintbrush!, Ragtag Daily Prompt: Time, Fandango One Word Challenge: Deviate, Your Daily Word Prompt: Proffer, Photo Challenge #333, Fiction Monday: Time

55 word fiction: Shopping


The long weekend was here and the sale had begun at the weekend shop. Though there were crowds all the way to the exit door, she was inexorable when it came to shopping which could be seen from the number of bags she had. The crowds made sure to vivify the store with their presence.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Exit, Fandango One Word Challenge: Inexorable, Your Daily Word Prompt: Vivify and Sunday Writing Prompt: The Weekend Shop

Photography: Inspiration

Photography: Inspiration

Somewhere over Europe

While things have changed rapidly this year as far as air travel is concerned, I still am truly inspired as far as air travel is concerned. Other than being simply able to go from point A to point B, air travel helps to fulfill dreams of travel to far off places.

Photography: Inspiration

At a restaurant in New York

I have always loved and been inspired to try different cuisines. And this is what I did when I went last year to New York.

Photography: Inspiration

Somewhere along the US East Coast

Road trips have always been my idea of exploring a country and definitely inspirational. And when I got a chance to do the same during my trip to the US East Coast, it was definitely fun unlimited.

Photography: Inspiration


I have always loved sitting by the sea and hearing the sound of the waves hitting the shore. It’s definitely up there as among the most peaceful things to do. It inspires you to think so many things and dream so many dreams.

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Had he brought water to drink?

Had he brought water to drink?

He was thirsty.

Water wasn’t enough.

Linking to Saturday Six Word Story Prompt: Water and Six Word Saturday



Action on the giant structure on the patch started by placing the megalith which was a prized catch amongst the batch. The climate was awesome enough to awaken everyone. The engineer did hatch a plan to thatch the roof if they could correlate and match with the right stones.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Awaken, Fandango One Word Challenge: Climate, Your Daily Word Prompt: Correlate, Sammi’s Weekend Prompt: Megalith, Stream of Consciousness Saturday, Saturday Mix: Rhyme Time

100 word fiction: Time to leave..

100 word fiction: Time to leave..

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

The couple had finally decided to leave the city after dilly-dallying for months. While going to a smaller city meant lesser pay, they knew that the benefits outweighed the negatives.

Over the years, they had accumulated many things which had worn out and needed to be thrown away. But now the movers and packers weren’t doing a great job leaving the stuff lying on the road rather than in the bin.

100 word fiction: Time to leave..

They were looking forward to a life far away from the din of city life amidst the forests and next to the lake with the zephyr hitting their faces.

100 word fiction: Time to leave..

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Zephyr, Fandango One Word Challenge: Din, Crimson’s Creative Challenge #97, 100 Word Wednesday

Spring season

Those incessant sounds of birds all round

pale in front of anything else

flowers that are still to bloom

might overcome turmoil

still with a smile and

have set aside

time in which

to make


Note: Used Karina Borowicz’s ‘September Tomatoes’ as a prompt

Linking to dVerse Challenge – Poetics: 9 across for a count down, Fandango One Word Challenge: Incessant, Your Daily Word Prompt: Turmoil

Photography: Murals in Brussels

It feels like anywhere you walk around Brussels, you are never far away from a mural.

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He made them proud..

He made them proud..

He had only seen poverty. While his father was a daily wage labourer, his mother worked from house to house washing dishes. But despite their struggles, they tried to ensure that they could educate him so that he had a better life. They always felt that – In their dreams they sleep with the moon.

As luck would have it, their son got a scholarship. Post his education, within the first year of joining an MNC, he made sure that his parents were out of the misery they had lived in. He had made them proud after all. While others did a lot of yada, yada, yada about taking care of parents, he made sure he actually did.

When he was a child he couldn’t ever dream of having a debit card. But now he was making sure that anyone could access the banking system.

Linking to dVerse Challenge – Prosery Monday: Moonbeams and Moon Dreams, Ragtag Daily Prompt: Yada, Yada, Yada, Fandango One Word Challenge: Only, Your Daily Word Prompt: Proud and Sunday Writing Prompt: Cards

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