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It came as no surprise to anyone when she entered the shop and found it inhabited by fluffy cuddly creatures. She had always seen a lot of people bringing their pets or kids coming to the shop to play with them time and time again. In presence of these creatures, the kids seemed full of verve. On full moon nights, the shop used to organize pet friendly events for people to play and bond with these creatures. Their aim was to move thoughts of animal lovers away from the froth in the name of animal protection by other groups. Though the shop’s owner knew that his shop was in imminent danger from these groups, it didn’t stop him one bit. He was more than happy working in the shadows of others to do his bit in taking care of these creatures.

Summer was at its

peak though without power, he

slept beneath the moon

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He missed her presence around him

He missed her presence around him

His need was

to feel loved.

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Zany personality

Zany personality

The late morning was clear and crisp as Sawyer stepped out of the travel hostel. His zany personality didn’t require to refine his antics. While he rushed through the entrance to get married and then eventually crossed the exit to get divorced and out of darkness, his wittiness spoke – “Thankfully, I don’t need to be frugal anymore with the container now full.”

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Photography: Summertime

Photography: Summertime


“Summertime is always the best of what might be.” ~ Charles Bowden

Photography: Summertime

The sun sets on another summer day in Kuwait

Photography: Summertime


Photography: Summertime

Road trip, Oman

View from Arc De Triomphe, Paris

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Effects of a pandemic

Effects of a pandemic

People rushed into hospitals with a mystery illness,

Doctors lost their bearings as hospitals filled up,

Masks and PPE suits were in short supply,

Roads emptied up as people sat home,

Money dried up as companies and countries gave way

People didn’t have enough food to eat as jobs were lost,

It was a pandemic within a pandemic,

Years of disagreements between people were brought out in the open,

Differences between the haves and the have nots kept increasing,

Unfortunately some suffered much more than the others,

The pandemic had shaken the world in a way not seen in generations.

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Shoe tree

Shoe tree

The public made sure to lionize those that did

matter and their negatives were thought of

as extraneous and nipped in the bud so

that they could be glorified by hanging their

shoes in a line together making up a

shoe tree and this was done at many places

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Starting a garden..

Starting a garden..

Catrin Welz-Stein

Time was nigh as far

as her plan of starting a

garden was concerned


She didn’t deviate from

her plan one bit despite the

proffer of a team


She made sure to clam

up the others saying that

it was in her mind


Once the idea

germinated in her brain,

they met as agreed

Starting a garden..

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55 word fiction: Shopping


The long weekend was here and the sale had begun at the weekend shop. Though there were crowds all the way to the exit door, she was inexorable when it came to shopping which could be seen from the number of bags she had. The crowds made sure to vivify the store with their presence.

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Photography: Inspiration

Photography: Inspiration

Somewhere over Europe

While things have changed rapidly this year as far as air travel is concerned, I still am truly inspired as far as air travel is concerned. Other than being simply able to go from point A to point B, air travel helps to fulfill dreams of travel to far off places.

Photography: Inspiration

At a restaurant in New York

I have always loved and been inspired to try different cuisines. And this is what I did when I went last year to New York.

Photography: Inspiration

Somewhere along the US East Coast

Road trips have always been my idea of exploring a country and definitely inspirational. And when I got a chance to do the same during my trip to the US East Coast, it was definitely fun unlimited.

Photography: Inspiration


I have always loved sitting by the sea and hearing the sound of the waves hitting the shore. It’s definitely up there as among the most peaceful things to do. It inspires you to think so many things and dream so many dreams.

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Had he brought water to drink?

Had he brought water to drink?

He was thirsty.

Water wasn’t enough.

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