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It was as if by

design that at the stroke of

dawn, the moon was out


The ferocity

of sun makes you think the moon

is just surviving


Lunar eclipse is

the chance to deterge sins just

like solar eclipse

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The floods played their part

rendering him homeless

in this quaint town


While he had been

given aid, the amount had

been contentious

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Being the intrepid

person she was, she made sure

to climb to the top.

The sunrise there was

breathtaking and had in it

to mesmerize all.

He had this dogma

that watching the sunrise would

be good for his happiness.


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55 word fiction: The walk

55 word fiction: The walk

He shriveled at the thought of hearing her voice in his head. After her death, life had acquired a new meaning for him. In order to get rid of all the noxious thoughts, he decided to walk across the country in her memory to raise funds for the underprivileged wearing the shirt she gifted him.

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Ten Word Story: Waterfall


Ten Word Story: Waterfall

He lay there with eyes

closed hearing the waterfall’s music.

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55 word fiction: Nightmare

55 word fiction: Nightmare

It neither looked human like nor anything like she had seen before. She began running as fast as she could. But it ran faster and faster. Just as she thought that this was the end, a group of men with flaming torches came running towards the monster. And then, she woke up with a start.

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