Story of her life

She was tired of the creeps she had met throughout her life whether during work or education. While there were times when she was morose, she didn’t want incidents like these to leave a stain on her life and made sure that those perverts weren’t a pain in her neck.

There were times when she did feel that her life was like a yo-yo going from side to side. But then, she always made it a point to claw her way back from the depths to soar her way through to success years down the line.

Over the years, while she did feel the singularity of her existence especially considering the men she had met all her life, she never saw it as a reason for dips in her professional life.

While she secretly hoped that her knight in shining armour would one day wipe her off her feet, she knew that it wouldn’t be an epic disaster or anything of that sort if that doesn’t happen. For her, it was never about the looks like whether the guy was stout or not. Instead, it was always about whether the guy was a good human being.

She felt that a relationship had to be nurtured as it could be frangible just like the way glass would break into hundreds of fragments if it falls on a floorboard.

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