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Cloudy skies

Cloudy Skies

As he walked towards

his destination, he saw

the fairy come out


The low clouds had masked

her presence but now she looked

really despondent


At his behest, she

mentioned that she wanted him to

climb the hills nearby


When he refused, she

got furious and made plans

to see him distressed


Within minutes, she

had harvested his happiness

and kept it aside


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100 word fiction: Crowds

100 word fiction: Crowds

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“Is it important to go to Hollywood studios now?”

“Yeah, I want to know how it feels to be in a crowded place.” Rod looked at me with complete seriousness.

“Honestly, I have had enough of your facetious remarks. I don’t want to vellicate being in a crowded place.”

“Hey you know I was kidding, don’t you? It’s just that am tired of being locked up and am experiencing fernweh. We haven’t been anywhere in a long time and it’s honestly getting frustrating.”

“I can understand how you feel. But we still need to give it a bit more time.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

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55 word fiction: A picture can say a 1000 words

55 word fiction: A picture can say a 1000 words

He loved using coloured smoke as a background for his pictures. Once a month, he set out for his shoots to locations far away from the hustle and bustle of city life so that he got his space. But one day, after a brief interlude during the shoot, he noticed paranormal occurrences on his camera.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Space, Fandango One Word Challenge: Paranormal, Your Daily Word Prompt: Interlude and Photo Challenge #327

Form is temporary but class is permanent

Form is temporary but class is permanent

His unique skills had made him a very critical player for many years. But in the last year or so, he had hit a rough patch. After his injury, he didn’t seem the same player he once was. Though he had always been a bright prospect, the selectors were now losing patience. His technique was found wanting and he looked completely out of touch. Even in the field, he wasn’t able to catch the ball as it regularly bobbled out of his hands.

While the think tank wanted to give him two more chances, it seemed that his career had hit a wall and it was axiomatic that he needed to get his mind in a good space. Even he had started to feel that something in his mind was getting him pinioned so that he wouldn’t succeed.

His free-spirited personality which was the characteristic of Aquarius brought about his downfall and he just ended up hanging on to breadcrumbs of his past fame for comfort. The form was lost but it was upto him to ensure that it could be found again.

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100 word fiction: Inevitable

100 word fiction: Inevitable

As the number of coronavirus cases and deaths passed one grim milestone after another, he felt that God had only been delaying the inevitable as far as his and his family’s health was concerned.

While he always adhered to all the regulations as specified by the health authorities, he also knew that life couldn’t be locked down forever. Humans are social animals after all.

Even after things opened up, he avoided the busy areas like restaurants, theaters and malls. But he did eventually go to open spaces like parks and beaches to get his moiety of happiness and fresh air.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Beach, Fandango One Word Challenge: Inevitable, Your Daily Word Prompt: Moiety, Sunday Writing Prompt – Choosing your Context



He always loved seeing the stars from his telescope. While the others would ramble around him about anything and everything under the sun, he would zone out and think about ways to reach the stars. For him it was never about the money or the fame.

All he wanted was to be happy. There were times when he was put in a spot as people around him started calling him a misanthrope. But he didn’t bother one bit and used to mention that if it were him, he would spend few years of his life meditating in an antre.

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The floods played their part

rendering him homeless

in this quaint town


While he had been

given aid, the amount had

been contentious

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Homeless, Fandango One Word Challenge: Contentious, Your Daily Word Prompt: Amount and Sue Vincent’s Prompt: Fantasy

100 word fiction: Journey of goods

100 word fiction: Journey of goods

PHOTO PROMPT – © Jennifer Pendergast

The train travelled through a variety of exotic locales during the numerous trips it took for taking different goods from one place to another.

“We should wait until the storm passes by.”

“I think it’s perfectly fine as I am sure that there wouldn’t be any water logging on the tracks.”

“You seem happy under your umbrella. But I doubt the train agrees with you.”

Ronald and Martin had driven the freight train across the length and breadth of the country for years. While Martin was used to many escapades in his life, for Ronald it was always safety first.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

Linking to Ragtag Daily Prompt: Umbrella, Fandango One Word Challenge: Escapade, Your Daily Word Prompt: Locale and Wordless Wednesday

55 word fiction: Graffiti Superstars

55 word fiction: Graffiti Superstars

Their whoops of delight could be heard from afar as they continued their juggernaut  in the graffiti competition with another smashing win. Though they had been on the podium an umpteen number of times, each win felt as delightful as the first. The trophy which was fully secured by the security was finally handed over.

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If only

If only

He had forever been on the fringes of selection but could never quite capture the imagination of the selectors to make it to the team. With each passing day, his patience was wearing thin as he wasn’t able to bring in the energy to soldier on till he finally got selected.

His friends wrapped their arms around him and told to keep the faith and never be verecund. But he felt lost and could feel himself being crushed under the weight of expectations from his family and friends. If something wasn’t done soon enough, he knew that his skills would become evanescent.

As he lay underneath the stars and the hours ticked by one by one, he could hear a voice say something softly in his head. This was more than enough to obfuscate his thinking. But he couldn’t think beyond what that voice had said.

And so as it began to rain the next morning, by the end of it he had committed a felony. While he did think that he could escape, the law caught up with him quite quickly. For someone who came with dreams in his eyes to the city, this was a dramatic fall from grace. If only, he could have waited for a some more time.

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