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100 word fiction: Edge of Universe

Edge of Universe

There’s a planet at the edge of the universe not unlike the earth in landscape and atmosphere. But its inhabitants are not.

They are robots who have been programmed to act and respond as per certain scenarios. While they are also programmed to emote like humans, their emotions seem anything but natural. Over the years, the amount of goods consumed on this planet has increased ten times.

There is speculation that the merchandise there is carried across the vast swath of their planet by planes just like on Earth. People remember to label it correctly so that its not lost.

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If winter is death, surely, red-slashed autumn is the wound that brought it. It had been a strange year with the magnitude of issues. But he pursued whatever he could as vigorously as ever to add memories to his vault. He did rest and work and was now ready for the melt and freeze of winter.

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Grey turns to blue

Grey turns to blue


It looks like a dull

and dreary day with the sun

lost amidst the clouds

Grey turns to blue


But then, grey turns to

blue and alleviates the

suffering of all


From almost being

underwater, the colours

have turned beautiful


It almost feels as

though the sunshine has devoured

the rain easily

Grey turns to blue



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White Sands

White Sands

The white sands were a magnet for tourists,

while activities like paragliding and scuba diving were fun, hardihood was key

They loved lazing on the beach

and getting scuttlebutt from friends,

When they were bored

they acted as if all the information was recondite


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Event of the Year

Event of the Year

It was an Annual Event but was it to celebrate over, he wasn’t sure.  In the beginning of the year, a lot of promises had been made which eventually turned out to be false. The employees had been taken for a ride to the extent that most believed that they would be rewarded and this had helped build sublime confidence in the team. But that wasn’t to be.

The peccadillos started piling up for the team month after month as the frustration began billowing up all around. The top two performers started to hammer tornillos into the wall to get rid of their anger. Finally they just walked out and ended up taking the willow medicine and using the pillow for a good night’s rest.

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There was a lot that she was left to ponder upon as her friend who liked onomatopoeia betrayed her. He broke her trust by forcing a deal under duress. Despite being lucid enough, she was left penniless. Only divine intervention could save her.

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100 word fiction: First day of summer

100 word fiction:


It had been a long and dull winter with a lot many snowstorms day in and day out. He was a perspicacious individual who always liked to be engaged in something or the other. For someone as professionally inclined as him, he had to find unorthodox ways to keep himself occupied.

And so at the first instance of summer, he took out his cycle. While he initially thought of the empty roads, he knew that cycling by the sea hearing the waves hit the shore felt blissful.

But as the rains came suddenly, he ran for cover under the gate.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

Friends unfriended

Friends unfriended

A team of two dancers, a team of two friends,

they always hung out together

But punishment was an echo of her feelings,

when her friend’s actions were too much to not bother

Forgiveness meant being cordial and working in tandem

in the interim both of which weren’t acceptable to her,

And so with time, the wedge between them got wider

and wider and finally their relationship was wiped clean

Friends unfriended

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Telescope of time

Telescope of time

Salvador Dali (no title given) found on Pinterest

“I am tired of the vitriol he spews whenever he talks. He seems to have taken quite a bit of advantage of the freedom he was bestowed with.”

“That’s so true. Some of his behavior with his fellow students and even seniors has been atrocious to say the least. And just the other day, he and his friends ended up creating such a ruckus in the canteen library.”

“We look at him through the wrong end of the long telescope of time”

Renner had been selected as the president of the school committee due to his all round performances in academics and sports. It was a unanimous decision. But little did they realize that he never knew the way to conduct himself when given a lot of responsibility. The school committee became his personal fiefdom so to speak as he did what he desired.

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100 word fiction: Pandemic fatigue

100 word fiction: Pandemic fatigue

As the days kept passing by and the seasons kept changing, they started to feel that the juice they had in the society had no value. Everyone irrespective of their social status was equally at the mercy of the virus. While initially, they were very eager to know more about the pandemic, fatigue started to set in over time making them incurious.

100 word fiction: Pandemic fatigue

They were tired of all the negativity. But despite this, though there were days when it was bright and sunny outside, they didn’t deem it fit to enjoy themselves when everyone around was struggling to make ends meet.

100 word fiction: Pandemic fatigue

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