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Journey to a self hosted blog

Blogging Journey to a self hosted blog

Blogging Journey

It’s been 7.5 years since I began blogging. When I started my journey, blogging was just about penning down my thoughts and feelings. It simply felt like an online diary where I could rant about anything and everything under the sun. It’s taken lot of hard yards on the road to a self hosted blog.

Slowly, I realized the importance of comments, shares, likes, having a social media presence and so on. It was all about making oneself heard. Blogging was no more a pastime among a select few which was the case in the early 2000s in India. It seemed as though almost everyone was rushing to open a blog. But then, more than 90% of them remained dormant after a few posts. In this clutter, one had to make an effort to be heard and seen.

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My grandmother said…


My grandmother was a woman of substance who could go to any length to keep her loved ones happy. Whenever I visited her, she would feed me as much as she could by making elaborate and sumptuous meals with her own hands.

She always told me to follow the path of truth. Truth is what keeps us and our loved ones happy in the long run. An individual can gain a lot in a short while by lying. But over a period of time, staying true to your work, your life and your friends is sure to be more fruitful.

This is part of the 100 words on Saturday prompt: My grandfather / grandmother said.. at Write Tribe

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Fearless in Life


“I am really scared to talk in front of a huge crowd of people. What if I make a mistake?”

“That sounds crazy. I can’t elope with that guy. What will society say?

“Are you crazy? How can you even think I will walk up to her and propose? She’s way beyond my league. What if she slaps me?”

“I am terrified of heights. Please don’t consider me for the bungee jumping experience.”

How many of you have come across any or all of the above situations? I can hear a lot of people saying ‘Yes’. Fear is that unpleasant emotion which makes you feel that any thing living or dead would cause harm to you.

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