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My blogging journey..

My blogging journey..

My blogging journey..


We all take inspiration from various sources in our lives be it friends, family or even the experiences they have gone through at different phases in their careers. This helps us in learning the steps to be taken to achieve success and avoid failure. It serves as a motivation to achieve great heights in our careers.

While I did write a few editorial columns in Times of Oman and was part of the editorial committee of Riviera (the international fest at VIT University), it wasn’t until I started my blog in 2009 that I got serious about my writing.

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Double Century of Blog Posts: 200 Not Out

1.22 lakh + hits

Indiblogger Rank – 81

Google PR – 3

Followers – 900+

Initially when I began blogging, everyone used to tell me that you need to ensure you have more followers, more commenters, more readers, more RTs on Twitter, more likes and what not. Even these days there are many who keep writing blog posts just to make some easy money and improve the above mentioned statistics without worrying about content and quality. But today, as I write my 200th blog post, I believe that all these things are secondary.

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Blog-o-meter: 2011 in review

My blog – o – meter for 2011 by the WordPress team!

Crunchy numbers

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 74,000 times in 2011. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 3 days for that many people to see it.

In 2011, there were 75 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 188 posts. There were 96 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 13mb. That’s about 2 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was November 24th with 2,305 views. The most popular post that day was Kolaveri di – A song which has brought the nation together! .

Do relationships beginning in college have a future?

Have you dreamt of spending your life with your college sweet heart? Have you promised your college love of spending your lives together? Has your life revolved around your college flame? You don’t want to leave college because you are scared of parting with the love of your life? If the answer to even one of the above questions is yes, then you are in the category of millions.

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6 years of college life – A life well lived!

Going for long walks with your girlfriend or best friends, going to movies after bunking classes, coming late to hostel, fighting with the warden, sleeping while the faculty is telling the most important of things, ogling at all the possible girls in your own as well as the junior batch, coming late to class so frequently that the day you come early, the faculty is shocked out of his / her daylights – College life is about all this and more.

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10 things to not learn from college life!

Everyone talks about how college life makes you learn a lot many new things in life. Whether its learning to mix with different kinds of people, becoming independent, having a girlfriend, making relationships, college life is regarded as the period when you can make or break your life. There are so many memories that one can live a lifetime. A lifetime of happiness, joy, fun and full of beautiful moments.

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A guest post by Yaamini Radhakrishnan for my blog: Movie Review – Inidhu Inidhu (Tamil version of Happy Days)

The Tamil remake of Happy Days, “Inidhu Inidhu” finally released on 20th August. Since not many of my friends know Tamil, I was in a huge dilemma on whom to watch the movie with. Finally to my luck, my childhood friend with whom I grew up in Tamil Nadu was in the city. So I watched this movie with this friend of mine. Watching this movie was a spontaneous decision. Both of us wanted to watch a Tamil movie and this seemed the perfect one .

The movie is set and extensively shot in the campus of Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore. The choice of this college for the movie is simply superb as it has a wonderful campus. The movie begins with the introduction of the characters Sidhu, Tyson, Vimal, Shankar, Madhu, Jiya, Umar and Appu who are a bunch of freshers in a college. They get together and make a fine gang. Soon Sidhu and Madhu, Shankar and Sangeetha, Appu and Vimal fall in love in the second half of the movie. Meanwhile, Tyson ends up falling in love with a senior Shravanthi. The rest of the story of Inidhu Inidhu is how about they spend their four years of their education in the campus going through all the emotions of love, hate, jealousy everything.

The story goes with how these people with different backgrounds, join together and become friends. Their emotions and sentiments are wonderfully captured in the movie.

Inidhu Inidhu is a happy go lucky feel good movie that makes u laugh, enjoy and also brings you to tears. It is a culmination of comedy, college fun, family bonds, emotions, friendship, values, ego, jealousy, falling in love and heart breaks. There is not a single scene in the movie which u won’t connect to.

The movie doesn’t get too dramatic and is very simple and straight forward. The best part about this movie is that it is very close to reality as it shows the life of teenagers, their pressures in academics, troubles in friendship and also the values they learn in friendship and love.

Almost all college students will go through this phase of life. You will end up seeing yourself and associating yourself with at least one of the characters. The characters that really impress you in the movie are Siddhu (played by Adith), Madhu (played by Reshmi), and Tyson (played by Nararyan). They really stand out in the movie due to their realistic performances. There is a good feeling about the movie from the beginning till the end. You will just wish it never ends. This movie takes you back to your college days. It reminds you of all the fun happy and sad times you have had in college.

The music of Inidhu Inidhu composed by Micky.J.Meyer is simply superb and even outbeats his own composition in the original Happy Days. Few songs which were used in the original have been retained in Inidhu Inidhu and are sung by the singer Karthik himself, who sung the original. The songs Ammakale, Kalori Thayeh and Ennangal Vaannoki are new additions in this movie.

The movie begins with the song Ammakale which is a very peppy number and has a vibrant energetic feel to it. The song Inidhu Inidhu will definitely remind you of the person you love. The songs Kodi Kanavu Kanil and Kalori Thayeh remind you of the pleasant memories spent in college and are simply superb while the song Vazhkai Oru has a rock music start which is really different from the original “Oh my friend”. This song reminds you of the beautiful feelings of friendship and will definitely remind you of your best friend. Hats off to Micky.J.Meyer who has wonderfully modified his own composition of Happy Days.

All in all this is a movie one must watch atleast once. I can assure you that this is a movie that surely won’t disappoint you and it keeps you hooked on till the end. I thoroughly enjoyed myself through the movie. It is a different thing that this movie holds a very special place in my heart so I was badly waiting for this movie to release but I strongly recommend all college students to watch this movie at least once in the theatre irrespective of whether you understand the language or not . As one says language should not be a barrier. It’s all about how the movie connects to your heart.

An awesome treat to all college students who are still in college and also those who have passed out. Have fun guys!!!

My rating for this movie—4.5/5

The Journey from 05BBT034 to 32235!

For the uninitiated, 05BBT034 and 32235 are my roll numbers at VIT University and SIBM Pune respectively. This day last year was when we left VIT University to pursue our dreams be it work, timepass (as many companies hadnt called till then ;)) or MBA, MS (CAT, GMAT, GRE ;)). We parted with the usual we-will-meet, we will mail, chat, phone and blah blah kind of promises.

Neways even I moved on to pursue MBA at SIBM (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management) Pune. Everyone had said that the college is amazing, the faculty is too good, the college is located on the hills, the alumnus is soooo good everything. All that has been amazing and its been a great honour to study in this institute but somewhere down the line I just feel that still I tend to compare both the institutes which is unfair but I guess after staying for four years at a place, you do feel for it. FC, Enzo, All Mart, QB, Sugarcane juice shop, Juice Land, Gobi 65, Cheese Dosa are some of things which really have no replacement.

I miss the quaint little town Vellore was with we being able to watch movies for Rs 30-40 at Raghavendra. We always had a joke as to how small Vellore was that at the height of the bomb blasts across the country between 2006-08 we felt it was the only safe place in India. Katpadi felt my own after all these years. It felt that am back home whenever I reached back there after coming from home. These 4 years made me fall in love with South India as even today I dont miss the opportunity to go to South India (went twice in last 1 yr :)) at all.

Most of all I miss all my friends the most who made my 4 yrs at VIT. In everyone nowadays I try to see a Mohsin or Girish or Arun or Padhee or Sruthi or Ranju or Anish or Ahalya or all the others whose name I am missing here. It doesnt mean that I dont have any good friends around but yeah guys I guess there’s no replacement for the years we had at VIT.

All this may sound lame and stupid and whatever to certain people. I am sure some will say it happens and life goes on and whatever but at the end of the day I do feel one thing that in graduation one has more of an emotional connection with friends but in post graduation its more of a professional connection.

As they say life moves on and it has. This post is a tribute for all you guys who have made my 4 yrs at VIT the best ever!

Clearing misconceptions of my alma mater – VIT University, Vellore!

I am writing this post after reading a lot of criticism about VIT University over the years since I joined, even before that and even today by a number of people many of them pissed off students while most of them who havent ever studied in this place and just talk crap based on hearsay. Every college and university has a lot of negative points and a lot of good points but it does pain one to see only negative points said about ones alma mater left right and center when it is one of the best places to study in this country! Here are some of the misconceptions which have stuck with VIT over the years –

Misconception #1 – VIT University has paid India Today to rank them no 10 and no 1 private university in India
My take – Common guys! Ok lets take it that VIT has paid them. But none of you are fools to take this ranking and come to VIT just like that. I am sure you must be talking to students, parents and teachers before taking this decision. So then why criticise after joining. The biggest suggestion I have to give all the parents and students is that dont take any of the rankings of any of the colleges seriously. Talk to a lot of people before making a decision

Misconception #2 – VIT University has abortion centers!
My take – This is the most atrocious and nonsensical thing I have ever heard in my entire lifetime. What the hell does abortion centers mean? And when I ask someone, they just say that they “had heard” from someone. Guys! Its a college and if even such things happen, I dont think that this is the first or the last college where such things happen. All kinds of students do exist everywhere. But nontheless as far as my knowledge goes, there has been nothing like “abortion centers” ever!

Misconception #3 – VIT University is a money making machine!
My take – All of us be it students or parents keep criticising VIT University for the money it charges. All of us can pay crores to teach our children in international schools but when sending to one of the best institutes in the country everyone thinks that the college is a money making machine. For your information to all the people out there, in my 4 years of studying at the college I have seen the infrastructure and development and seen how this money is spent on improving it for our benefit!

Misconception #4 – VIT University has strict rules and regulations!
My take – VIT University is the most liberal college in Tamil Nadu probably after IIT in terms of rules and regulations. They are no uniforms and even the gals and guys can freely talk compared to certain colleges in Tamil Nadu where people are punished for even talking. Calling it strict is a joke in itself!

Misconception #5 – The teaching and students are not that great!
My take – As always, there will be some teachers who are good and some who are not that great. One cant always be dependent on them to study. Same goes for the students. I am sure this happens in every college

Misconception #6 – People keep getting suspended left, right and center!
My take – You wouldnt find better, more lenient and liberal pro chancellors than the current ones. Obviously if you do something really bad, you will be punished. But getting suspended left, right and center is taking it too far!

I am sure there may be many more misconceptions but what I have tried to highlight from this post is that dont read some blogs of people or talk to those who are angry with VIT University or who have never ever studied here but want to criticise it. They will give one a biased view of the college. Every college has its good things and bad things. I have just highlighted some of them here. But this post doesnt show that VIT University is the best in the country. AND NEITHER AM I A MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF VIT UNIVERSITY OR HAVE BEEN PAID BY THEM!

Dear Parents and Students,
Make an informed decision before joining the institute. Talk to students, teachers, parents – all the stakeholders. Its very easy to criticise. But see the efforts the management is also putting in.

A proud alumnus!

Update: Calling out all alumni to help future aspirants through this post
When I wrote this post approximately 3 years back, I didn’t know what to expect when people read it. But the fact that this post has been the most visited, commented, voted and searched post on my blog speaks volumes. Whether its positive or negative, comments have flown in thick and fast. A lot many aspirants have also got their questions answered through this post.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to invite VIT alumni from across the world to talk about their experiences at the college (good or bad) through the comments section here. You could also answer questions if any raised by future aspirants on this post. This would go a long way in helping them make important career decisions.

63 hours, 3 cities, 4 people, 1 presentation – My South India sojourn!

The pre – Valentine week as they call it was a really interesting one for me. 63 hours, 3 cities, 4 people, 1 presentation – That’s how I can describe my 3 day sojourn to Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Tiruchirapalli (Trichy for short) and back from 11th – 14th February 2010. As soon as I was back, there were the 2nd internals to contend with. 9 exams in 2 days – 15th and 16th February 2010!!! So it was a week before I really got some proper sleep. But the trip really was an amazing experience to cherish!

First things first! One of the reasons to go for the trip was also the fact that I wanted to meet some of my friends and also make a trip to South India (which as all my family and friends know I feel very close to despite the fact that am a North Indian). So getting selected for a paper presentation competition was surely a good enough reason to go :P. But most importantly, the opportunity to give a presentation on “Viral Marketing through Social Media” (one of the fields which probably I can claim myself to have some decent knowledge of!!) in front of students and professors at a national level was one that I wouldn’t want to miss.

As I left SIBM Pune on 11th February by the 5 30pm bus, the main thing I was worried about was the fact as to whether I would do ok in the coming internals because they were there immediately the next day after I came back. I had all this tension despite the fact that my friend Priyanka Negi had taught me the entire Business Law portion and I had also gone through few other subjects before. An ice-cream at Baskin Robbins, pasta at Pepinos and two packed 6 sub sandwiches (WOW what variety!!!) was my dinner that night with my friend, Forum Parikh (ok guys before you think anything, that’s her NAME…Yeah and she’s a Gujarati..It means fragrance in Gujarati) before I boarded the Volvo Bus to Bangalore at 9pm from Swar Gate. Reading sometimes, sleeping, getting up, listening to songs, talking on phone, eating (had two more ice-creams that night on the way to Bangalore at a place the bus stopped) – and thus 15 hours (the travel time from Pune to Bangalore: 760 kms) passed by.

Since Trichy is not properly connected to the rest of the country, one has to go through Bangalore or Chennai to go there. And since Chennai isn’t connected by bus to Pune, I decided to go through Bangalore. Immediately after reaching Bangalore at around 1pm on 12th February 2010, I went to the Forum Mall (it is one of the most famous hang out spots of Bangalore). I am sure you guys would be wondering what the hell? He didn’t brush or take bath or whatever. How the hell can he just go to a mall? Since, my bus to Trichy from Bangalore was in the night at about 11pm, time was at a premium and I had to meet quite a few of my friends. In Forum, I met Yaamini Radhakrishnan (Mini) and Priyanka, both Indian School Muscat friends. After having “Emerald Ice” (don’t know why I always order that..GOD!!) at Java Green and a strictly OK! lunch at Transit, we bid Priyanka bye since she had to go to a marriage function. Then I met Nupur Duggal, one of my VIT friends who I had also met at Transcend ’10 (SIBM Pune’s management and cultural fest). It was really amazing and beautiful to relive old memories with all my friends. It’s not everyday that one gets to meet people whom you have told bye at school or college. Finally I went to Mini’s house to change, take bath, freshen up and eat HOME FOOD. When one has not gone home for 1 year like me, HOME FOOD anywhere feels delicious. But aunties, amazing mix of vermicilli with dahi and masala, rava idli and sambar and another kind of rice was as they say FINGER LICKING GOOD!!!! After such an amazing day of meeting friends and having excellent food, it was time to take the Airavath Volvo bus to Trichy.

Since I was really tired, I slept “nearly perfectly” on the journey to Trichy. We reached Trichy bus stand at about 5am on 13th Feb, the day of the presentation. As I got out of the bus, I could immediately feel the strong humidity (characteristic of Tamil Nadu) in the air. Before arriving, the organizers had informed me that there would be a van waiting at the bus stand which would take the participants to the college and after freshening up, all of us would be taken to the hotel where the competition cum conference was being held. But lo and behold! When I called up the organizer, he was completely clueless about a van coming for a pickup at the bus stand. The organizer told me to take the local bus to the college. Incidentally Bharathidasan University was the place from where I started my journey of paper presentations during my B.Tech Biotechnology days at VIT University. So it was fitting in more ways than one that I started my journey of paper presentations in MBA at Bharathidasan as well. Finally the organizer realised his error and informed me that the van would be there in few minutes. I finally reached the campus at about 6 30am. Few things which one can’t but help notice is the fact that the college is located in a vast expanse of nothingness. The only thing around is the magnanimous Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL). It is soooo big probably as big as a cricket or a football stadium. The hostel just starts all of a sudden. There doesn’t seem any outer boundary. I didn’t get to see the college campus because truthfully speaking I didn’t know where it was located :P. Would have surely been very far from the hostels though! Since the intake is very small, the number of hostels at BIM is very less. Instead of proper rooms in hostels, there is this thing like villas (which are very horribly maintained with the most pathetic thing about them being the toilets!) where 3-4 people stay together. After a decent breakfast of uttapam and meeting a guy AGAIN from PSG Institute of Management (GOD..How do I end up meeting so many people from PSG??). And guess what he was telling me how good PSG Institute of Management is, because of its toilets!!! WTH!!!

And then we were off on the college bus to SRM hotel (supposedly the best in Trichy) for the event. After the registration and the “BORING and DULL” inaugural speeches, the time for the presentations finally arrived. As I had informed the organizers about my exams the next day, my presentation was the FIRST. Now that made me a bit jittery (till that time I was cool) because being first, the onus was on me to make a good impression as everyone would be very much awake as well as attentive at that moment. And mine being a new and innovative topic, things could be all the more interesting. The presentation went off pretty well as I answered the 3-4 questions asked by the BIM Trichy students with ease. They did seem really interested in the concept and one of them even commented that. The judge wasn’t exactly convinced because for one I didn’t feel that he knew too much about this field (not saying to blame the judge but then I personally felt he wasn’t equipped to judge this kind of topic). One of the greatest things of the whole event was the fact that one of the professors asked me a copy of my presentation because he was really interested to learn more about it. Now what can get bigger than this? A professor asking a student for a copy of his presentation. AWESOME!!

I was finally free at 1 30pm and since my bus to Chennai was at 11 30pm, I had ample time to meet another of my VIT University friends, Fazal. He came to pick me up in his Nano along with one of his friends. (was an interesting experience to sit in it for the first time – it is cute and for sure an engg marvel..Splendid stuff!!!). Going to Marry Brown, then roaming on the roads of the Trichy – Salem highway trying to find a petrol pump, going to a dam, then again roaming around in the city in the Nano, spending some time in Fazal’s house, having dinner at Spice 6 restaurant, going to the Trichy Airport to CHILL OUT (Yeah people YOU ALL HEARD IT RIGHT!! Trichy Airport is like a proper hangout place in the sense nice green bushes and cool and calm and serene atmosphere to take a walk and just sit and talk..I know it sounds like a park :P) Guess this is because one doesn’t have many places around Trichy to go and take a peaceful walk. Finally they dropped me back to the bus at 11pm and I was off to Chennai.

I had already heard that both – Sruthi, my VIT friend and Sindhuja, my ISM friend who are in Chennai wouldn’t be able to meet me. So when I reached Koyambedu bus stand, I was already prepared to go directly to Kamaraj Domestic Airport. I reached there on time and in due course boarded my flight Jet Konnect to Pune at 9:55am and reached Pune sharp at 1pm.

All in all this was a trip filled with tiredness, achieving greater heights in terms of getting selected for bigger competitions, becoming proficient in a the field of social media and viral marketing which I am really interested to build my career in and last but not the least meeting old friends.


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