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Cerulean Bay


Cerulean Bay

The couple had settled on Cerulean Bay as their honeymoon destination of choice. With it’s lovely beaches, this was the perfect place for a relaxing vacation. The authorities made sure that the beaches were reserved only for the hotel guests and the others were unwelcome.

As soon as they reached, the rules of what was and wasn’t allowed were succinctly explained. The resort had made sure to abolish the practice of taxi drivers fleecing the guests.

One day, while sitting at the beach she quipped, “Would like coffee, tea or me?”

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100 word fiction: A visit to the island..

A visit to the seaside..

A visit to the island..


“The cool and calm waters are surrounded by the greenery as far as my eyes can see. Add to this, the white sands all around us. Is this paradise?” Neha exclaimed in delight.

Tired of struggling day in and day out at work, Seema and Neha, the awesome twosome as they were known among their friends circle had made a sudden plan to visit the Sister Islands located half an hour from the mainland.

The island seemed so peaceful and tranquil that the sound of the waves hitting the rocks was more delightful than anything they had heard in months.

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Guest Post: Reward Yourself for Achieving Goals


Using a reward system of any kind can really help you to stay motivated and stick to whatever goal you are trying to achieve. Of course, it probably depends on what you are doing and what goals you have that will determine what type of reward and what sort of system you use.

Want to know the different kinds of reward systems others have come up with in order to come up with ideas of your own? Here are some ideas to help you begin brainstorming:

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