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Photography: Now and Then

A lot has changed in the post-pandemic world. Travel meant going on international trips while now it is about sightseeing locally.

Photography: Now and Then

Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA

Photography: Now and Then

Tranquility in Kuwait

What started to worsen sometime in spring around the world has just sadly continued on as we near winter.

Photography: Now and Then

Sunset in Kuwait

Photography: Now and Then

Windy day in Kuwait

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Photography: Autumn

Photography: Autumn

I had always seen fall colours in movies and pictures. But it was only when I went to USA last year that I got a chance to see the colours up close and personal.

Photography: Autumn

It was then that I realized what autumn was really all about.

Photography: Autumn

Having lived in the desert climate for the majority of my life, I feel a sense of tranquility whenever I see greenery of any kind.

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Photography: Tranquility

There are so many of us who love peace and quiet when we are outside don’t we? Whether it’s sitting on a beach and hearing the waves hitting the shore or walking in a park with very few people around and getting a chance to lose oneself amidst all the greenery, we all love some fresh air far away from our busy city lives.

I have always been a passionate traveller and during any of my visits, I always make it a point to visit the ‘quiet places’ to take in some ‘quiet moments’.

Photography: Tranquility

I loved the experience of watching the sunset while taking a boat ride off the coast of Kuwait.

Photography: Tranquility

Brooklyn Bridge Park was the perfect place to see Manhattan by night. Not too many people around and to top it all, Manhattan looked really beautiful.

Photography: Tranquility

Kalemegdan Fort in Belgrade, Serbia gives you a bird’s eye view of the city. While the February chill was too much to take, the evening looked beautiful.

Photography: Tranquility

You must be wondering as to how is it possible to get ‘quiet places’ in New York. But I did find Central Park to be really beautiful and peaceful as well. It seemed like the perfect place to get away from the busy city life.

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Book Review – Just US Things

Book Review - Just US Things

I had read a few of Sushmita’s blog posts on her experiences about life in the US. What I liked was the sincerity in the way she narrated her thoughts. And so I was quite curious to download and check out her book from the Blogchatter Library.

The blurb goes like this

Irrespective of the countries, when you immigrate, you expect a cultural shock. Indian millennials are very well adapted to the American culture, thanks to television. But is that enough? Every day is different – even when you have travelled the world and have enjoyed every land and its culture. This book talks about the daily struggles and the existential battle of a new Indian immigrant in the US.

The title and the cover which has an outline of Statue of Liberty and other skyscrapers is quite interesting. Though I felt that rather than a white background, maybe some more colour could have been added.

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Photography: Road trip

I have always loved road trips for the sheer joy they bring. In my opinion, road trips are the perfect way to explore the sights and sounds of any country. You get to meet different kinds of people and also aren’t in a hurry which would normally be the case in any package tour.

Moreover, driving for miles and miles on a long winding road when the weather is lovely with the breeze hitting your face is the perfect recipe for peace and calm. Below are some of the clicks which I have taken during my different trips in Muscat, Oman, Jordan and the East Coast of USA (in that order).

Photography: Road trip

Photography: Road trip

Photography: Road trip

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Photography: Blue skies

Blue skies have a beauty of their own which nothing else can replace. There are so many times we all pray for clear blue skies free from all the clouds, the dust, the haze and whatever one can imagine.

Here are ‘fairly’ blue skies from 3 continents.

Photography: Blue Skies - Muscat

Muscat, Oman

Photography: Blue Skies - Portland

Portland, Maine, USA

Photography: Blue Skies - Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Skywatch Friday: Sunset

Skywatch Friday: Sunset#ShotoniPhone

A rainbow makes its presence felt as the sun sets on another cool fall day in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

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Thursday Tree Love: Glastonbury US

Glastonbury US #ShotoniPhone

This tree in Glastonbury, Connecticut is in full bloom during the fall season.

But the other tree behind it is a pale shadow of itself with its empty branches rising towards the sky. It is preparing for the winter as the leaves have all fallen by the wayside.

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In conversation with Shobhan Bantwal

Shobhan Bantwal

Shobhan Bantwal is the author of six novels and co-author of two anthologies. Her books combine contemporary women’s issues with romantic elements. Her articles have appeared in The Writer, Romantic Times, India Abroad, Little India, New Woman and India Currents. Her short fiction has won her honours & awards in contests sponsored by Writer’s Digest and New York Stories. She won the First Place Award in New Woman magazine’s 2005 Short Fiction Competition for her story, Lingering Doubts. Her debut book, The Dowry Bride, won the 2008 Golden Leaf Award. The Unexpected Son won the 2012 National Indie Excellence Award. Shobhan lives in Arizona, USA.

And today, we have her here for a short tete-a-tete –

Aseem: What does writing mean to you?
Shobhan: Writing is almost a spiritual experience for me because I put my heart and soul into each story. The characters I create for each book temporarily come into my life like family, friends, or neighbours. Many of my characters also possess the traits of people I know, some of them intimately. The wonderful thing about fiction is that one can express just about anything via one’s characters that would not go over as well in non-fiction or speech.

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Book Review – The Full Moon Bride


Shobhan Bantwal has published 5 novels and 2 anthologies before this one. Her books cover a wide variety of women centric issues from dowry to pre-marital sex to even abortions based on gender. ‘The Full Moon Bride’ explores the concept of arranged marriage from the point of view of an Indian American woman. Does it work? Let’s check it out.

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