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Book Review – Urban Shots: Yuva


Urban Shots: Yuva is the fifth book in the Urban Shots anthology series. Over the years, Grey Oak and Westland (Urban Shots publishers) have become synonymous with introducing new authors with short stories across genres of love, hate, city life, lust and the likes. Together the series has sold thousands of copies. And now Rupa Publications have taken up the reins for the new one. Does it work as before? Let’s check it out.

The blurb goes like this:

An eclectic potpourri of short stories written by young writers, Urban Shots: Yuva offers a realistic, panoramic view of today’s India. Narrated with intensity, these sharply introspective and distinct urban tales are reflective of the diverse nature of our lives in Indian cities. In ‘The Love Note’, Tara and Rahul find unexpected love after a bitter fight; a widowed Nikita finally learns to let go of her past in ‘Long Walk Back to the Shore’ while Gopal unwittingly encounters danger in ‘The Cab Driver’.

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Down The Road: The first time when the world would notice my writing!

After a pretty successful first two books – ‘Another Chance’ and ‘Urban Shots’, Grey Oak Publishers is coming up with their next short story anthology – ‘Down the Road’. While ‘Urban Shots’ dealt with life in urban India, ‘Down the Road’ deals with as the name suggests, life at school and college. Did you like the girl sitting next to you in class? Do you miss the time with friends in the college canteen? Do you miss hostel and school life when you had no tensions whatsoever? ‘Down the Road’ includes all this and more.

After my poor attempt at short story writing for Urban Shots where I was rejected outright, I was determined to do well and work properly on submitting a good short story for the new anthology. But this time too things didn’t work out too well though the story has been selected by Grey Oak to feature on which is an interestingly named website for short story lovers.

But before I could sit down and wonder what went wrong and what I should improve on, Ahmed gave me a chance to contribute an essay on two decades of Bollywood movies on school and college campuses. And lo, after a lot of editing and re-editing it has finally been included in the book along with the other stories.

I would like to sincerely thank Ahmed Faiyaz and everyone else at Grey Oak Publishers for giving me a chance to get published. I would surely keep working on my writing over a period of time.

The book launches across India in the 2nd week of April

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Book Review – Another Chance

Another Chance is Ahmed Faiyaz’s second writing venture after his bestseller “Love Life and All that Jazz”. This book has come out pretty close on heels to his previous book.

From the prologue itself you realise that this book can be right away made into a Bollywood flick. And that point is affirmed as one gets engrossed in the book. The story moves forward from where Love, Life and All that Jazz ended with the friends just out of college. Here it’s about how the protagonists are able to maintain a consistent work – life balance as well as give time to their loved ones.

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