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7 people I am thankful for..

There are so many individuals or groups of them who make a difference in our lives in various ways. While we genuinely feel for some of them, there are many others who we detest and would never like to meet again.

Moreover, it’s not necessary that you have to meet people for them to make a difference in your lives. I see that your surprised. So let’s quickly get down to penning the list.


We are what we are because of our family. They are the ones who bring us up, teach us the values of good and bad, bear our tantrums and help in moulding us into good human beings.

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The love for cycling..

Copenhagen - The cycling capital of the world

Copenhagen – The cycling capital of the world


I was recently watching the Discovery Channel series – “Waterfront Cities of the World”. While Copenhagen is a beautiful place with lovely people, what struck me the most about the city was it’s cycling culture. With more than 40% of it’s people cycling daily to work, university, school or commuting socially, the love for cycling is ingrained in Danish society.

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