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She kept biting her fingernails as she

sat under the pergola outside in

the garden wondering if she had done

enough to ascertain herself in front

of the high and mighty so that she could

carve her identity in sands of time.

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100 word fiction: Thoughts

100 word fiction: Thoughts


“That was the trip of a lifetime. We walked hand in hand like a lovestruck couple. We kissed under the Eiffel and had a lovely candle light dinner on the Seine Cruise.”

As she left the house for possibly the last time, she threw the iconic photograph which reminded them of their past. Theirs was a whirlwind romance as they met on a flight where she was the senior flight purser.

Within weeks, they were dating. Their relationship was doomed from the start as she dreamed of soaring in the skies while he expected her to be by his side.

Written for the photo prompt and you can read the other entries here.

I am taking the A to Z Challenge 2020 with Blogchatter and my theme is Microfiction.

Does moral policing actually work?

A pair of eyes are watching you..

A pair of eyes are watching you..


These days, everyone wants to control the content we watch, the things we do, the sweet nothings we talk to our partners, the food we eat and so on and so forth. It seems as though every individual is trying to act like the moral guardian who aims to protect society from all the evils. But does this really work?

We keep reading about things being banned left right and center. There’s one school of thought which says that banning something ensures that people don’t get exposed to the wrong things in life. But the other school of thought asks “Who decides what is wrong or right?” Shouldn’t it be an individual’s perspective to decide on what is right and what is wrong? Banning instead may have the opposite affect.

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Microblog Mondays: 6 years of blogging..




And I complete 6 years of blogging today. It’s been one interesting journey of learning to write, meeting new bloggers, making new friends, winning a few contests, making a name for myself in the world of blogging but most importantly having the pleasure of being able to convert my thoughts into words.

As I got deeper into the facets of blogging, I started to read a lot more. I began my blog as an online diary where I could pour my feelings about anything and everything affecting me directly or indirectly. But, over the years it has an evolved into a one stop shop containing stories, reviews, opinions, interviews and a lot more.

Stepping into my 7th year of blogging, I thank all of you for the constant feedback, encouragement and critique over all these years. Without its readers,  any blog is nothing but a barren land.


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Guest Post: How to Make Your Dreams Come True

You think about things you would like to do, but most people think that dreams are just for dreaming. Here’s how to make your dreams come true.

Take time out to reflect on what your dreams are

When many people think about what they want out of their lives, these thoughts are often a brief moment as quick to leave as they were to emerge. Perhaps they appear while you’re waiting in line for coffee, or in the few minutes of downtime between tasks. Rarely do people dedicate a considerable period of time to figuring out what their dreams actually are.

In order to make your dreams come true, you have to pinpoint what they are, and that takes plenty of reflection. Sit in your favorite location, undisturbed, and visualize the type of life you would ideally lead. Take your time with this exercise. Fill in all the details. Do it more than once, too. Make time for this exercise on several occasions to get the best picture of what your dreams are.

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Morning awakening

As I looked out of the casement window of my room, all I could see was the cold vast expanse of the sky covering the earth like a blanket. Almost all the constellations were visible in all their glory. Living away from civilization surely had its advantages. And just as I was trying to connect the stars to their constellations in my head, my alarm clock rang to life. For most of us, 5am is the time when we wrap ourselves in the thickest of blankets for a peaceful sleep. But then there are some like me who begin their day at such a god forsaken time.

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